Friday, November 26, 2010

photoshoot fun!

A few weeks ago I have the pleasure of working with Lindsay Thorne, make-up artist, and Ryan Lavigne, photographer of Shutter Creative. I was contacted by Lindsay and asked to be one of the models to help her and Ryan expand their portfolios. They offered me a digital copy of a print in exchange for my time. Print or no print, it just sounded like so much fun so I told her absolutely!

Lindsay and Ryan often team up for creative projects with Lindsay doing make-up for photo shoots and Ryan doing the photography work. In fact, Lindsay is now officially part of the Shutter Creative Team!

So I brought along with me my camera to take a few "behind the scenes" photos. Ryan also snapped a few photos as well (I'm sure you'll easily be able to notice the difference between my little digital camera and the real deal of a professional!).

(Shutter Creative)

Lindsay applies my make-up. The look she is going for on me: red lips and smokey eyes.

(Shutter Creative)

If there was anyone's make-up collection I'd want to play with, it'd be Lindsay's!

Sometimes, it's a dirty job!

(Shutter Creative)

(Shutter Creative)

(Shutter Creative)
When Lindsay was done, Ryan started setting up and positioning his lighting, and then it was time to be blinded by the flash! I have to say, these two make an excellent team: both cool, down to earth people that are really talented and know their stuff! It was a lot of fun to work with them!

Here's the final product of my make-up done by Lindsay and my photograph taken by Ryan:

(Shutter Creative)

Check out some of the other creative fashion work they've done recently with their other models:
(Shutter Creative)

Lindsay is planning on offering a make-up seminar in the near future! She plans on providing a 3 hour classes so if you would like to learn any tricks or tips be sure to check out the Lindsay Thorne Make-up Facebook page! With Christmas around the corner, you'll want to look your best for all those fabulous holiday parties and Lindsay can help you out with that. She also offers gift vouchers that you can give to friends or relatives.

This afternoon (Friday, November 26) you can find her at the Lansdowne Shoppers Drug Mart (North end of Saint John) working with Lise Watier products and tonight she'll be at the Westmorland Shoppers Drug Mart (East Saint John) providing services and information for Elizabeth Arden!

For more news, annoucements and make-up tips, check out Lindsay's blog.

Ryan's photography work is represented through Shutter Creative Inc. Shutter Creative specializes in fashion-styled photography (including wedding) with an approach of making every photograph ‘magazine-caliber’ or ‘epic'. Visit the website, click on Our Work to see some of Ryan's amazing work. Stay up-to-date on the latest offers and work by Shutter Creative through the company's Facebook page and blog.

Click here to find out about the latest special the Shutter Creative team is offering in boudoir photography!

Thanks again to Lindsay & Ryan for inviting me to work with them! Be sure to check out more examples of their work and get linked into their Facebook pages to hear about any of the amazing work, what services they are offering, and what they are up to!


Elle Sees said...

super amazing! i wish i had a prof makeup person at my disposal. ha!

Ryan Lavigne said...

Love it Chelsea! You were a pleasure to work with and I'm sure we'll end up collaborating with each other again in the future! Cheers, Ry

Courtney Erin said...

Amazing photos - what a talented group!

xoxo ~ Courtney