Saturday, July 31, 2010

to market, to market...

I've taken the title of this post from a season 6 episode of Sex and the City, except where Carrie went to the stock market, I went to the Kingston Market on the penisula today. However, last night I did have a bit of a Sex and the City night last night- dinner and cocktails with 3 girl friends.This morning it was a country drive for Katie, Erin, Nancy and I on our way to the market.

Emu anyone?

Stands of organic veggies...

Fresh cut flowers and hand picked berries...

Pretty little frocks and hand sewn pillows...

Home-made jam and jellies...

Flavourful wines...
(I bought a bottle of raspberry)

Tastey samples...

Live music...

Busy crowds...

Hand made soaps

Lovely earrings...
(adored the funky feather ones)

Cooked foods of all varieties...

Delicious cheesecake...
(don't touch, this one is all mine!)

The adventure continues with checking out swimming holes...

...and waterfalls!

And last but not least, there was a road side stop to visit some alpacas!

Today's Outfit
(nothing particuarly fancy)

  1. top- Odd Molly Uncorporated- Wildflower (Halifax, May '07)

  2. bermuda shorts- American Eagle (May '08)

  3. sandals- Clarks- Winners (Spring ;10)

  4. purse- Guess- Walsh Lugguage (Feb '09)

  5. sunglasses- Michael Kors- TJMaxx (April '09)

  6. ring- received at Marielle's bachelorette last weekend
I've loved the top above since I bought it (which is good, considering the price tag that had been attached to it). I was watching MTV's Downtown Girls (one of my guilty pleasures) and during one particular episode I saw Klo wearing the same top! (Please excuse the blurriness of the still-frame.)

Well this was a fairly lengthy post. Today's follow up activities to the market and penisula sights will be a drop in at a family reunion as well as toasting a beer (or a glass of raspberry wine) to a friend's new apartment later this evening! Hope you all have a lovely Saturday eve!

Friday, July 30, 2010

there's a new bar in town...

Remember Melvin's Bar on Canterbury Street in uptown Saint John? Maybe not many of us frequented the venue, but it became my place to have a few beers on St. Patrick's Day when O'Learys (our popular local Irish pub) was overflowing at the tap. I was a little disappointed to see the place empty after seeing the lights on and bands planning for as long as I could remember during my countless walks from Churchill's to O'Learys to finish the night off.

As of recent, the old Melvin's location is being renovated into a new, swanky bar titled The Canterbury Lounge. I walked by the new place last week and took a few photos of the progress thus far- the Canterbury Lounge is slated to open next Thursday, August 5!

Here's a few of the photos I snapped from the curb on Canterbury Street:

You can catch a glimpse of the fancy black and white wall paper as well as the lovely chandeliers. I also  spotted LED lights over the bar. One of the owners promises the bar will be fun and stylish without being pretentious. As I said in my very first blog post, I'm all about supporting business in Saint John, especially if it has something great to offer. I was really disappointed when my favourite martini and cocktail bar, Sebastian, closed earlier this year. I'm hoping this bar might be able to help fill that void of an upscale uptown bar that the city has been missing. Personally, I can't wait to get dressed up and check out the Canterbury Lounge- so far, it's shaping up to be my kind of place!

You can find an article written on the new nightlife spot in the Telegraph Journal. Both owners of the Canterbury Lounge were interviewed and a few pictures of the beautiful interior are featured as well. Click here to read.

Though the bar itself might not be up and running yet, you can check out their website here.

See you there when it opens!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

grecian gold...

As a follow up to my last post re: the opening of Twisted Muse, I wanted to share with you the dress I purchased from the new fabulous store on Spring Garden in Halifax. I wore this outfit Monday and it was very comfortable and breathable: perfect for such a warm day!

The Outfit

  1. Dress- lovelygirl- Twisted Muse (Halifax, last Saturday)

  2. Gold skinny belt- H&M (Halifax, last Saturday)

  3. Gold chain headband- Club Monaco (Halifax, last Saturday)

  4. Gold snake print flats- Michael Kors- StyleSense (Toronto, Sept '08)
Aside from a pair of Lululemon shorts and a leather cuff from H&M, this outfit pretty much sums up my finds in Halifax last weekend!

Has anyone visited Twisted Muse yet? Make any purchases?

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

twisted muse opens a new set of closet doors to halifax fashionistas...

Sweet Pea owner Johanna Galipeau has opened a second boutique in downtown Halifax, titled Twisted Muse. An article on The Coast's website has identified the shop as Sweet Pea's "alter ego". The store just opened its doors last Monday above Mills on Spring Garden Road. I was looking forward to checking the store when I was in Halifax this past weekend (for my friend Marielle's bachelorette party).

In the front doors of Mills, and up the stairs you will find Twisted Muse's assortment of edgier and more casual pieces. (While I'd call Sweet Pea the girlier, dressier version to its sister store.) You'll find the likes of BB Dakota, lovelygirl, Alternative Apparel, and other great labels. Service was helpful, friendly, and best of all- I encountered a no tax special that day! I loved most of what she had in store and took half the store into the dressing store with me to try on...

The decor is lovely and the dressing rooms (as you can see above) almost seem like you are within a forest. The brightly lit store is a mix of rich wooden tones and edgy metal features. The clothing is organized in colour code and is a collective mix of flowly and form-fitting with interesting pieces of texture or eye catching patterns. Though the pieces are more casual and less delicate than those choosen for Sweet Pea, they definitately have a very feminine quality that is both trendy and stylish for those looking for a fabulous outfit. 

There were so many pieces that I wanted to adopt and take home with me, but I settled on a lovelygirl dress (to be featured in my next post) that was appropriate for both work and play. I may not have been able to get to Sweet Pea (the gay pride parade made crossing to the other side of Spring Garden an impossible feat), but checking out Twisted Muse was definitely the high point of my shopping excursion while in Halifax.  

Check out the blog for Twisted Muse Boutique:
(You'll also find photos of the store's interior)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

fall's preview for jack & bb dakota...

Wednesday evening I sipped on a non-fat, no foam, caramel, caramel machiatto while typing up my Urban Hip post in Starbucks uptown. After publishing the post, I jaunted over to Je Suis Prest for their BB Dakota and Jack Fall 2010 Launch Event, showcasing some of the fall stock Kiera has brought into her boutique. I love summer far beyond any other season. Even though it's a warm and sunny mid July, there were many pieces that caught my eye and gave me a reason to look forward to the fall.

Store front

Joy and Kiera filled the back wall with new BB Dakota and Jack pieces

New dresses

I have a think for blazers that you can dress down and dress up

Fall jacket with a utilitarian design

This coat looked adorable on Christy

This jacket may not be my particular style, but I do love the colour and details.

I like the over-sized lapels on this jacket and the eye-catching zippers.

My favourite jacket in the store :)

I love, love this edgy form-fitting (real) leather jacket.

Rock n' roll!
(real) leather jacket

But not all the jackets are solid in colour :

Then there was my pick:

I love textures. Buttons, studs, sequins, beads, fringe, feathers...faux fur.

It even has pockets!

Although I love this vest, I couldn't justify spending the money in the middle of the summer for an item I can't wear until October. The compromise: I put the vest away on a lay away plan.

Fellow blogger Barb also posted on the event. Check out her blog post.