Monday, May 31, 2010

martinis in multiples...

Saturday night Alex and I went to Katie's uptown apartment for a drink before strolling down to the boardwalk to have cocktails at Boilerworks! We all ordered the martini flights off the drink menu- 3 x 1 oz martinis- and this week's variety was a tropical theme. Very tastey!

My outfit for the small and intimate gathering:

The Look:
Grey blazer- R&W Co. (April '10)
Black v-neck tee- American Eagle (Summer '09)
Purple skirt- Club Monaco (Halifax, Spring '09)
Studded heels- Aldo (Toronto, Dec '09)
Headband- Splurge (Halifax, Feb '10)

blogs i heart...

I have fun with sharing and blogging about my own personal style, but I also enjoy reading and browsing other fashion and style blogs. It's interesting to see how other girls mix different trends and put looks together that I either might not throught of until they made them look good! Some girls are good with acessories and their shoes are to die for...others make a casual outfit look glamourous...and other make an out-there ensemble look pretty cool.

So scroll down and check out the newly added Blog Roll on the side bar to your right to check out my daily inspirations! And let me know if I'm missing out on your blog or if there are any other style bloggers I should look at!

new beginnings

This past week has been a very busy one- tying up loose ends at one job to leave and start another one! I'm going to miss my awesome and amazing co-workers but I'm excited for a change in my career! (Tomorrow is my first day!)  At work on Friday, we had cake at break and my co-workers gave me such pretty flowers and a card!

Later that evening, Ben & I had a double date planned with Brent & Chamila at Churchstreet. But to my shock, when we walked upstairs, I ran into a whole table of my friends who I've worked with- including Chamila! Turns out they had planned a surprise good-bye dinner for me! No one has ever planned any surprise event in my honour so I was pretty touched. We all had a great night...I think we were at the restaurant for almost 4 hours! And I was so pumped about the gift they gave was a necklace I had been watching:

Necklace: "Queen for a Day" by Dogeared (from Je Suis Prest Boutique)

And another card...this one sings!

(Thank you so much guys)

Although I'm excited for the next step and a new job, I am going to miss seeing these people every day! But I always believe in staying in touch and keeping up with friendships. I'm not going that far away anyways :)

Here's the outfit I wore to dinner Friday night...the top is actually my first purchase from Envy! There were just so many great pieces there, I had to put a few on hold last weekend, and come back the next day to make the purchase!

The Look:
Brown ostrish print purse- Guess- Walsh Luggage (Spring '09)
Polka dot coat- Kensie Girl- Liquidation World (March '10)
Mint green top- Mustard Seed- Envy (a week ago)
Skinny jeans- Nissi Jeans- Pseudio (April '10)
Teal heels- Nine West- Winners (Dartmouth, 3 yrs ago)
Pearl bracelets- Le Chateau (Dec '09)

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Thursday evening, following my pedicure, I had some friends over for a few cocktails and finger foods, before heading out to see Sex and the City 2 in theatre! I mixed a few (strong) cosmopolitans for all ladies in attendance (Shauna, Jenn, Katie, Lyndsay and Pam- they all looked great!) We sipped and snacked while watching a few episodes of Sex and the City. Pam brought this amazing combo of cinnamon pita chips and fruit salsa and Lyndsay brought a premixed bottle of Cosmos! Check out our spread!

We were off to the theatre with plenty of time to spare to make sure we got good seats! I loved, loved the movie, although I must admit the first SATC was better plot-wise. However I was not at all disappointed, and the fabulous four and the fashion lived up to (if not exceeded) expectations!

The outfit:
Pink top with ruffled cap sleeves- R&W Co. (2 yrs ago)
Pink dress with black lace overlay- Jack BB Dakota- Je Suis Prest Boutique (Spring '10)
White braided skinny belt- Chinese Laundry- Je Suis Prest Boutique (that day)
Pink suede platform sandals- Aldo (ordered online the week before)
Black cuff bracelet- Chanel- E-bay (Sept '08)
Pedicure- Mistral by Chanel- Perfumes Plus (that day)

my feet dress up for a night of sex and the city....

Thursday was everything Sex and the City since the second was movie was out in theatres! After work that day I hurried uptown to my pedicure appointment with Kayla at Perfumes Plus! With Laura's help I decided to go with Chanel's Ming (#3 from my last post):

I had thought I was going to go with #2, Chanel's Mistral, but in person, Ming was actually more of the peachy shade I was looking for. So first Kayla set me up for a soak (and I sloshed and made a little mess...oopsy):

Her workstation:

Their collection of pretty nail polishes:

Ta Da! The finished product:

And here are my feet all dressed up in my Sex and the City shoes!

Pink suede platform sandals: ordered online from Aldo.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

colour choices...

Thursday afternoon (after work) I've scheduled a pedicure at Perfumes Plus to go with my brand new shoes for an evening of Sex and the City!

I've been thinking of which nail polish hues would be a complimentary colour to my pink suede stilettos...I'm thinking a light pink? Here are the shades I'm considering (last time I was into touch up my manicure colour I browsed some of the tester polishes):

3.  4.

5.  6.

  1. Chanel- Tendresse

  2. Chanel- Mistral

  3. Chanel- Ming

  4. OPI- Isn't That Precious

  5. OPI- Bubble Bath

  6. OPI- It's a Girl
Thoughts on what colour to go with? Or a suggestion on another colour to go with?

my 2nd appearance in...

...What I Wore! As I mentioned in my last post, Jessica Schroeder of What I Wore announced a second style challenge for style bloggers with a theme she called "Sweet & Rough"- the mix of opposites that work- combining a feminine, romantic piece with edgier, toughier items.

You can find my picture on her post, in the 5th group of pictures, 3rd from the left. These ladies came up with some really neat ideas and pairings! Go to Jessica's blog and check out some of their personal style blogs. I've had fun participating in these challenges (the first being Breton Stripes)- can't wait to see what's next!

I'll be adding a column or tab soon to my own blog to share my favourite fashion and style bloggers that I check on a regular basis!

Monday, May 24, 2010


On her blog, What I Wore, as well as on her twitter page, Jessica Schroeder issued another fashion challenge to us fellow style bloggers:
"WIW Weekend Style Challenge: Sweet/Rough. I wanna see how you take one delicate piece and mix it up with something edgy! Deadline: MON MIDNT"
So I peered into the extensive depths of my closet and tried to brainstorm an outfit. I also lightly browsed the racks of my favourite shops (something new always makes an outfit feel special), but when I woke up on Saturday moring I randomly picked up 2 pieces of clothing out of my spare room and mentally filled in the rest of the blanks. I took a romantic piece and mixed it with a few edgier, textured pieces. Here's my translation of a look that combines aspects of "sweet" and "rough".

Please excuse the garbage I somehow failed to notice...oops.

The Outfit:
Grey/silver vest- Soundgirl- Peepshow Girly Boutique (2 1/2 yrs ago)
Baby blue flowy top- Free People- Je Suis Prest Boutique (Winter '10)
Black jeggings- Guess- Pseudio (Dec '09)
Black studded gladiator heels- Aldo (Toronto, Dec '09)
Silver necklace- bridesmaid gift (Sara's wedding, Oct '09)
Pearl bracelets- Le Chateau (Fall '09)
Cuff bracelet- Chanel (E-bay- Sept '08)

sunday, lake side...

Yesterday B & I headed up to his parents' spot on Grand Lake to visit, take a walk on the beach, and get some sun exposure. The lake seems to have a climate of its own...the weather always seems to be nicer there.

This dress was actually my first Jack BB Dakota purchase and my first item I bought from Je Suis Prest Boutique last year. The layers of the skirt are a bit thick so the dress can make me look pregnant from the wrong angle...or if the wind blows the wrong direction. But I love the colour and the light and "flowy" nature of the fabric and design.


The Outfit:
Orange dress- Jack BB Dakota- Je Suis Prest (May '09)
Dark brown wooden necklace- Le Chateau (4 yrs ago)
Brown gladiator sandals- Sam Edelman (Montreal- June '09)
Brown ponytail scarf as a headband- Coach (Toronto- May '09)
Sunglasses- Michael Kors- TJ Maxx (Keene, New Hampshire- April '09)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

sex and the city shoe preview...

Wow, my 50th post on this blog! I can't believe I've spent enough time on here to write and assemble 50 posts already! So with that, I'm going to share something a little special and I'm going to do another Sex and the City feature at the same time. I'm sure by now that it will surprise none of you that I've purchased a new pairs of shoes and that I've bought them for fun to wear to the movie this coming week! I've also decided I'm going to give you a sneak peak...

I can guarantee you I'll pretty much have Sex and the City on continuous flow this week (I've already watched every episode many times in the past to the point that I can quote them...) In fact, I'm watching it right now, but with a very specific investigative purpose. Remember the last episode of Season 4, I heart NY, when Carrie has to have the pink Christian Louboutin sandals, approaches the window and says, "Hello lover."

Well, I saw a pair of heels that seemed to reflect the same feminine, romantic feel to them as Carrie Bradshaw's Christian Louboutins (although thankfully I didn't need to break the bank by comparison). I had picked out a pair of pretty pink suede platform sandals with feminine ruffle details and heels like stilts. They arrived on my doorstep last Thursday.

Hello lover!

These babies bring me up about 4 inches...

Love, love, love...

To go with my lovely new shoes, I've scheduled a pedicure at Perfumes Plus for Thursday afternoon. I've invited friends over to my place for a cocktail that evening and then we'll head out to see Sex and the City 2! Can't wait!