Saturday, June 26, 2010

beach n' bbq...

Last Saturday was the perfect beach day. A bunch of us went down to New River for the sand sculpture contest, which mainly involved just lying out on the beach and getting some sun. Later that afternoon we headed back to the house to prep for a big BBQ. After a lazy day on the beach, I picked a comfortable dress and fancied it up with accessories. A few hot dogs and blueberry beers later, we headed uptown to a party and then around the corner to finish our night at good old O'Learys. The party was in a courtyard and an empty apartment was open for people to use the loo. In the almost empty apartment there were a few random props for photos opts...

The Outfit
Floral dress- Mango (Toronto, June '10)
Beige sweater- American Eagle (Spring '09)
Braided belt- Eddie Bauer (Moncton, 4 yrs ago)
Flower necklace- Aldo Accessories (Toronto, June '10)
Brown wedges- Aldo (Spring '10)

You can see in the first picture I have a bottle of Moosehead green in hand. Yesterday I heard on the radio that Moosehead had their new blackberry beer out (which I mistakenly thought wasn't in stores until next week) and I happened to be driving by the liquor store and so I dropped by to grab a case! In my opinion it's really good- and likely my beverage of choice for this summer!

Right now I'm blogging from my hotel in Montreal. Myself and a few friends are in the city to see Lady Gaga Monday night! In the meantime we'll be exploring Montreal and, of course, doing some shopping!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

belated birthdays...

A couple of my very good friends have spent their brithdays in various countries in the last month. One of them, Katie, was recently traipsing across Europe, and when she got back across the Atlantic, we went out to celebrate her belated birthday. But I have to say, spending your actual birthday in Rome wouldn't be half bad either!

Last Friday a group of us girls went to Bourbon Quarter for drinks and desserts, followed by glasses of wine at Happinez. It was also about time to take my Stuart Weitzman pumps out for an evening!

The Outfit:

  1. Blue tank- Free People- Je Suis Prest Boutique (March '10)

  2. Grey tank- RW & Co. (Sept '08)

  3. Black skirt- American Apparel (Feb '10)

  4. Shoes- Stuart Weitzman- Second Nature (Toronto, June '10)

  5. Longer necklace- H&M (Toronto, Dec '08)

  6. Heart necklace- Swarovski (Gift from Ben, May '08)

  7. Hair piece- Baubles (April '10)

Monday, June 21, 2010

casual fare...

Sometimes on a relaxed Sunday, nothing's better than good old-fashioned denim paired with a tee. Comfortable and relaxed, perfect for a prolonged period sitting in the passenger side of the Grand Am. A week prior to this past Sunday, Ben and I headed out for a country drive that started out with a Starbucks latte in hand and included a stop at Kredl's out in Hampton for ice cream!

The Outfit:
  1. "The Greatest City" t-shirt- American Eagle (April '10)
  2. Grey, white and green scarf- American Eagle (Summer '09)
  3. Jean bermuda shorts- American Eagle (Spring '08)
  4. Polka dot flats- Keds (ordered online, Summer '08)
  5. Tote bag- Guess- TJMaxx
  6. Earrings- Anne Marie Chagnon- Beckwith & Co.
If you were looking for me this past Sunday morning, unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to Rhoda's Flea Market for the second go of "Out With The Old & In With The New". I hope the other ladies had good success in clearing their closets and that some of you were lucky in finding some new, previously loved, and fashionable finds! I was really disappointed I couldn't be there, but I guess that just means I'll all the more to share next time!

Also, I wanted to appologize in the gap between blog posts over the past week...taking on a change in my career has led to a busy schedule as I adjust to a new routine. I assure you, although my focus had to be else where in the past week, I'm back and my love for shopping, blogging, and all the finer things in life still remains strong!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

our 2nd go at rhoda's...

Some of you might have made it out the last time Kiera of Je Suis Prest Boutique rounded up a bunch of fashionable ladies to sell our previously loved clothing at Rhoda's Flea Market in March. We had a great time- some made a few dollars giving their clothes to a good home and others just scored themselves a new cute wardrobe on the cheap!

I rolled out of bed that Sunday in March and grabbed a pair of skinny jeans and a Lulu hoodie fairly quickly because I had already been running late! Thankfully I had already finished pulling and organizing my multiple bags of clothing and shoes the day before to take with me!

I shared a table with Dorothy (momma to my bff Kristen) last time.

Barb posted on our adventures at Rhoda's the first time around: you'll even catch a photo of me at my table with mounds of clothing!

Earlier this month Nadine of Envy commented on her facebook that she needed to do Rhoda's again! Barb and I were quick to comment that we were in and then comments quickly turned into a planning discussion and Kiera suggested June 20- so here we go!

Click on the photo above or click here to visit the Facebook event for Rhoda's- Take Two!

Date: Sunday, June 20
Time: 8:00am- 12:00pm
Location: Rhoda's Flea Market @ Exhibition Park 

It may also be Father's Day, true, but doesn't mean you can't dote on yourself a little too, right? Let Dad sleep in and come by early! (That's how you're going to pick out the best pieces anyways!) 

Can you believe a group of girls are ready to clear out their closets again? Well get ready, because there are even more of Saint John's lovely ladies joining us this time around!

pretty in pink...

Saturday night, a friend of Shauna's (as well as a fellow OT), was in town and our presence was requested to come show her a good time in Saint John! Bottled of wine were consumed and then we were off to- (where else?)- O'learys!

The Outfit:
  1. White tank- Kenneth Cole- TJ Maxx (Bangor, Oct '08)
  2. Pink skirt- H&M (Toronto, June '10)
  3. Flower necklakce- Aldo Accessories (Toronto, June '10)
  4. Bag- Coach (gift, April '10)
  5. Gold shoes- Nine West- Winners (3 yrs ago)

I love this new soft pink skirt I got from H&M (for only $34 I might add)- very feminine, although its a little big in the hips, but I still love it! I am wearing heels in these pictures- the heels, however, are hidden by the grass.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

quest for the green shoes...

Last Sunday, Kristen and I headed out to browse shops on Bloor Street West in search of a pair of green shoes I could wear for my wedding (see previous post) and any other beautiful finds that might cross our path.


The Outfit

  1. Green military shirt- Mango (2 days prior in the Eaton Center)

  2. Braided belt- Eddie Bauer (Moncton, 4 yrs ago)

  3. Skinny jeans- Nissi jeans- Pseudio (Spring '10)

  4. Sandals- Clarks- Winners (Spring '10)

  5. Sunglasses- Michael Kors- TJ Maxx (April '09)
So the last picture shows one small problem I encountered last weekend- a cold. I had a hard time speaking and my voice varied from sounding like an elderly woman who's just smoked 2 packs, from a creepy whisper, to a raspy version of my former self. But I wasn't going to let that slow me down- I carried cough syrup and Advil cold & sinus around like they were my best buddies. I'm still suffering from said cold but at least I don't sound nearly as awful!

Our first stop was to H&M. I have to hand it to this store- this is a great place to buy trendy pieces without breaking the bank. Most of the time I splurge on tops and dresses- because they tend to be the pieces that make an outfit for me and finding the perfect fit in a pair of pants might be more of a challenge. I decided that I had already bought enough new clothing to cover my upper half and today was strictly about covering the bottom half! I scored at H&M with 3 pairs of shorts for only $20 each, and 2 cute skirts (one of which was only $15). 

As for the shoe search, this venture wasn't successful this time around but I will keep looking! And I wanted to thank everyone who sent me links to green shoes already- I so appreciate the help! I haven't found anything that quite fits what I'm looking for, but I've got 12 months to go! Please do send any other suggestions my way if you happen to wander across something that might fit the bill!

Here are the lovely shoes we did encounter that afternoon in the shoe section of Holt Renfrew!

Hello Jimmy Choo!

Darling Dior!

Pretty in Prada!

Glam Miu Mius!
(Yes, I am attracted to shiny objects...)

I know we all recognize these shoes!
Carrie's wedding shoes from the 1st Sex and the City movie!
I dream of owning a pair of Manolos...

Aw, Lovely Louboutins!
(from his wedding collection)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

more martinis....

So in Toronto last weekend (I did say I'd have a lot of material for the week!), after a day of spa treatments, manicure/nail treatment, and some resale designer shopping...Kristen and I headed back to her apartment for dinner and to get ready for a girls' night out. That evening we hit up Eat My Martini for drinks with some other ladies. 

This is their oversized martini side of it, that is. 
They only serve over 130 big deal or anything..
Click here to view a sample of their menu (unless you're in
reach of a magnifying glass to read the picture above...)

Bar Interior

Hard Candy Martini

Chocolate Factory Martini

Mango flavoured Martini

Kristen & I at Eat My Martini

The Look:
Lace print dress- American Apparel (Halifax, April '10)
Flower necklace- Aldo Acessories (Eaton Centre, the day before)
Yellow clutch- Coach (gift from Kristen)
Black studded shoes- Aldo (Toronto, Dec '10)

We then headed out to meet others and end the night with dancing at LoKi Lounge.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

spa day...

Last Saturday morning Kristen and I got up and hit the subway and then street car to meet up with her friend Yen for a spa session at Body Blitz (a women-only spa) on Adelaide Street West in downtown Toronto. It was my first ever actual spa experience! We relaxed and cycled through their therapeutic waters (they even bring healthy beverages in to you!) before going for full-hour massages. I guess I didn't know what I was missing out on before...because it was a really relaxing experience and the perfect way to start a Saturday morning!

The Outfit:
Floral dress- Mango (the day before in the Eaton Center)
Braided belt- Eddie Bauer (Moncton, 4 yrs ago)
Gladiator sandals- Sam Edelman (Montreal, June '09)
Sunglasses- Michael Kors- TJ Maxx (New Hampshire, April '09)
Bag- Guess- Walsh Luggage (Feb '09)

I felt a little silly wearing my sunglasses in the subway at Ossington Station, while we waited for the next train, but I stuck them on my face to do as celebrities do in transit before they've done their make-up for the day (or least that's what I've read, haha). Clearly there's no point in getting dolled up when you're only going to put on your bathing suit (or in the case as some women do, your birthday suit- such is why I mentioned it being a women-only facility...) and jumping into a pool.

Once we were detoxified, replenished, and turned into putty...Kristen and I were off to get our nails done- a manicure for me and a touch up for her. The finished product:

OPI shade Green-wich Village for moi

Kristen's perfect gel nails
(and if you look close enough.. can see the pretty diamond she bought herself?)

We then headed North? (I don't know my city directions unless I have a compass...or I can see the little map of stations on the subway...) to a Second Nature Boutique, a second hand designer shop that was recommended to me by Nadine (manager of our lovely SJ Envy). 

It was a fun experience shifting through designer clothing and shoes that were still expensive, but much more affordable! I first found a pair of Chanel flats that I was really excited about, but to my dismay, although they said they were my size, didn't fit...

(but then they turned out to be posers- I saw the tag said "Chanel look")

But then I picked up a pair of Stuart Weitzman robin's egg blue pumps that fit like Cinderella's glass slipper. There wasn't one scratch on the sole- these babies had never been worn and were only a fraction of the price the would have originally cost!

We left the store, with me swinging a pink bag with my new blue shoes, my great find of the day!