Friday, June 4, 2010

the search for wedding shoes...

Greetings from downtown Toronto! I'm sitting in a Starbucks blogging away while my best friend, Kristen, is busy at work upstairs in this building. I'll meet her and a couple of her friends for lunch in a bit and then I think I'll get back on the subway and do some shopping! My last post was on my wish list of the pieces and ideas of what I'm generally looking for to update my wardrobe for this summer. Though, I promise, I will not be bringing that much home (as much as I might want to!)

I've read other posts from fellow style bloggers on their packing tips or on their confessions of their inability to efficiently pack. I am a girl who packs far, far too much for what I need in reality. But I pick my outfits with the weather, the activity, and my mood, and sometimes you just want to be prepared for anything! (Well, not to the extent that I packed full rain gear or a snow suit...) On Monday I play to post on how I packed for a weekend in Toronto- I prepared visual adds (aka took photos) while I packed...and then I'll weigh in on how impractical my over packing might have been...and what I actually wore (just maybe I'll learn something from this experience.) So stay tuned for that!

Well back to the real focus of this post: my search for my wedding shoes! I think the topic is particularly suiting given that I'm in Toronto (one of the best cities for fashion and style in our country), and also due to the fact I'm getting married in exactly one year from today! (I know, sentimental moment, haha.)

So the shoe I'm looking for will be green! Our wedding colour- it's actually both my and Ben's favourite colour and we've chosen a shamrock or emerald shade. Bridesmaid dresses haven't been selected (Kristen will be my maid of honour and my sisters, my bridemaids), but just to give you an idea of the colour, this is roughly the shade I'm looking for:

Or when people ask our wedding colour(s), I think and then show them my phone:

So I'm looking for:
  • shamrock/emerald green
  • a designer pair
  • size 9 (39)
  • closed or open toe optional
  • preferring a pump, but a sandal is an ok back-up
  • some heel, but not too much to be uncomfortable (or taller than Ben! He's 5'10", I'm 5'7")
Incase I'm not successful this weekend, keep your eye out for me in your online shopping, ok? Let me know if you see anything! ;)


barb c said...

ok I found some.

Could be a little racy:

love these if you can deal with a 9.5:

same deal about the 9.5:

wrong green but I'm still in love (also: miu miu!):

Moschino but could be on the "teal" side:

a light green, but Viktor and Rolf:

same as above, wrong green but V&R:

barb c said...


Anonymous said...

They're not green.... but they're definitely YOU!


Breanne at Bella Vita said...

Green is my favorite color, and that is a gorgeous shade!!! I can't wait to see what shoes you choose!

shannon said...,default,pd.html

barb c said...

The unfortunate thing about Barneys is that they don't ship to Canada and they don't accept international credit cards. sigh sigh sigh.

~Chelsea said...

thank you all for looking! much appreciated :)

shannon said...

shannon said...,B001ELKRDY,B001KN4OYO,B002MH3B4G,B002MH32AE,B002MH39Z2,B002MH2X9K,B002MH3AMO,B002MH34JI,B002MH2Y6W,B002MXYD24,B0029NYDPO,B002N5MX78,B001KOULJA,B0031MA220,B0013FGRGM,B000XNHRRI,B00119RZD4,B0032JTHBE,B0032JTHHS,B002DMJUBI,B002C1B4XC,B002C1B5RW,B002MH2U70,B002MH2VQU,B002N5N0Y8,B0031MA2LQ,B002R5AXXU,B001K3JXJU,B002BWP7BC,B0013FBNOS,B002HJ353Q,B002HJ36AI,B0013FBR6W,B002ECFVWY,B002DPUWBW,B0027A8DA0,B0027A8FQM,B0021AFVCO,B0034791LK,B002MAP6QO,B001HX3XDU,B0010T8IEA,B002MXY8RY,B002ECF7RS,B002MXYCQ6,B002MXYAJK,B001KU7SY0,B0028Y4TPI,B0028Y4TWG,B0028Y4TZS,B002MAPEAW,B0031ESNKG,B00263KR2A,B001V9M5H0,B001EQ4N4S&asinTitle=BALLY%20Eda-C-28%20Pump&contextTitle=search%20results&page=2&size=100&page=2&node=242169011&nodes=242169011&keywords=green&sort=relevancerank&showDesigner=1

shannon said...

ok... i'll stop now - but these are my faves: