Saturday, June 26, 2010

beach n' bbq...

Last Saturday was the perfect beach day. A bunch of us went down to New River for the sand sculpture contest, which mainly involved just lying out on the beach and getting some sun. Later that afternoon we headed back to the house to prep for a big BBQ. After a lazy day on the beach, I picked a comfortable dress and fancied it up with accessories. A few hot dogs and blueberry beers later, we headed uptown to a party and then around the corner to finish our night at good old O'Learys. The party was in a courtyard and an empty apartment was open for people to use the loo. In the almost empty apartment there were a few random props for photos opts...

The Outfit
Floral dress- Mango (Toronto, June '10)
Beige sweater- American Eagle (Spring '09)
Braided belt- Eddie Bauer (Moncton, 4 yrs ago)
Flower necklace- Aldo Accessories (Toronto, June '10)
Brown wedges- Aldo (Spring '10)

You can see in the first picture I have a bottle of Moosehead green in hand. Yesterday I heard on the radio that Moosehead had their new blackberry beer out (which I mistakenly thought wasn't in stores until next week) and I happened to be driving by the liquor store and so I dropped by to grab a case! In my opinion it's really good- and likely my beverage of choice for this summer!

Right now I'm blogging from my hotel in Montreal. Myself and a few friends are in the city to see Lady Gaga Monday night! In the meantime we'll be exploring Montreal and, of course, doing some shopping!

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Kate said...

three things!

01 I really love your dress! so pretty!
02 I am pumped to try the new moose blackberry! For another delicious fruit beer, try picaroon's melonhead!
03 lady gaga!! jealous!