Thursday, June 10, 2010

more martinis....

So in Toronto last weekend (I did say I'd have a lot of material for the week!), after a day of spa treatments, manicure/nail treatment, and some resale designer shopping...Kristen and I headed back to her apartment for dinner and to get ready for a girls' night out. That evening we hit up Eat My Martini for drinks with some other ladies. 

This is their oversized martini side of it, that is. 
They only serve over 130 big deal or anything..
Click here to view a sample of their menu (unless you're in
reach of a magnifying glass to read the picture above...)

Bar Interior

Hard Candy Martini

Chocolate Factory Martini

Mango flavoured Martini

Kristen & I at Eat My Martini

The Look:
Lace print dress- American Apparel (Halifax, April '10)
Flower necklace- Aldo Acessories (Eaton Centre, the day before)
Yellow clutch- Coach (gift from Kristen)
Black studded shoes- Aldo (Toronto, Dec '10)

We then headed out to meet others and end the night with dancing at LoKi Lounge.


Anonymous said...

O-M-G! Those martinis look ah-mazing. I'm all over the mango flavor. <3

-Dyanna Pure

Elle Sees said...

haven't been to toronto in years!!
i've never seen so many martinis in forever!

jessica said...

looks like you ladies had a fantastic time! mmmm martinis!

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

that dress is badass!