Thursday, April 28, 2011


Minimalism focuses on the most fundamental features of something: be it a piece of art, design, literature, or just simplying one's life. It can also apply to fashion and an outfit. In the case of my outfit in this post, I choose to go with little accessories. It's always about quality over quantity. There are times when I feel more dainty pieces are appropriate: especially with a bold print or a textured garment.

When it comes to jewelry, my go to is always a statement necklace to give an outfit some pop. But not wanting to over do it, that's also why I am a studs girl when it comes to earrings. If I wear my hair down, long or detailed earrings can just get lost in that big mop!

But I love features such as these earrings I'm sporting in the photos below. They sort of stand on their own within the casual outfit I wore that day.

The Outfit
  • Button-up: Numph- Peepshow Boutique (Halifax, Spring '08)
  • T-shirt: American Eagle (SJ, Oct '10)
  • Jeggings: Guess- Envy (SJ, Dec '10)
  • Flats: Aldo (Ordered online, May '10)
  • Feather earrings: Little Burgundy (Montreal, June '10)
So, what are your thoughts on minimalism? Do you like to keep it simple or create a more complex outfit? I wouldn't describe my style as minimalistic on a regular basis, but sometimes there are times where more isn't necessarily better.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Sunday

My second one this season- I've fallen in love with the maxi dress. And who can pass up a cute and comfortable dress for $30? That's what I love about H&M- you can pick up seasonal staples without really having to pry open the piggy bank.

Easter weekend we had dinner with B's family Saturday evening and my family Sunday. These photos were snapped by B outside in my parents' backyard.

The Outfit
  • Military shirt: Mango (Toronto, June '10)
  • Maxi dress: H&M (Moncton, April '11)
  • Belt: H&M (Toronto, Sept '10)
  • Necklace: Banana Republic (Freeport, Nov '10)
  • Sandals: Steve Madden- The Urban Shoe Myth (SJ, Apr '11)
  • Headband: Splurge (Halifax, Fall '09)
Hope the Easter bunny found your all!

P.S. Stay tuned- I have an exciting giveaway coming up beginning of next week!  

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

april showers bring...

...may flowers. This outfit I wore to purchase a new Blackberry Saturday morning. Unfortuantely, due to, in part, my own stupidity and finished off with the sticky fingers of another- I misplaced my old Blackberry, and then it was snatched up by someone at the tapas bar my sister and I had drinks and appetizers at in Moncton on Thursday evening.

The good news is that we found a white dress for me to wear to the bachelorette coming up next month! Sadly, however, I was coming back from Moncton on Friday minus one phone. I went 36 hours without my Blackberry and I'm a little ashamed to admit it made be realize how attached I am to my phone! I had so many impulses to message friends, take a photo to send to someone, update my status according to something funny or interesting, check the time, set my name it. For every person who might not understand my attachment, I know there is equally a number of you that are recognizing my experience as a complete nightmare!

Saturday morning, I donned a new floral skirt, and headed straight down the hill to the Bell store to reconnect to my digital life (aka buy a new Blackberry).  

The Outfit
  • Skirt: H&M (Moncton, April '11)
  • Hoisery: Hue- Je Suis Prest Boutique (SJ, Mar '11)
  • Shoes- Aldo (Moncton, April '11)
  • T-shirt: Joe Fresh Style (SJ, Feb '11)
  • Belt: Eddie Bauer (Moncton, Aug '06)
  • Sweater: American Eagle (SJ, Sept '08)

So prior to my expensive mistake, I also picked up these shoes from Aldo to replace my other everyday brown flats that were now officially worn out. And though they appear lighter in these photos, the pantyhose are actually mint green in person! 

All in all, I was happy to get a dress I was really excited about for my bachelorette, plus a few other spring wardrobe finds! I've started tucking those winter clothing items away- have you?

Friday, April 22, 2011

new summer staples...

The item of clothing I fell in love with most the other weekend at the Sympli Trunk Show hosted by PGal's Closet were these sage palazzo pants! (I picked them up when B & I went to start a wedding registry there earlier this week!) Not only are they the most comfortable bottoms I've ever worn, they are really versatile in that you can dress them up or you can dress them down. They are soft, light-weight, and stretchy- and I can see them as being a potential wardrobe staple this spring and summer.

The Outfit 
  • Jean jacket- Bluenotes (SJ, April '11)
  • Tank top- Alternative Apparel- Je Suis Prest Boutique (SJ, March '10)
  • Palazzo pants- Sympli- PGal's Closet (Rothesay, April '11)
  • Sandals- Steve Madden- The Urban Shoe Myth (SJ, April '11)
  • Necklace- designed and gifted by my friend Jaclyn a few years ago

Two items that are popping up in my outfit photos for a 2nd time this week are my jean jacket and wedge sandals. I have a feeling you might see these two a lot over this summer! I've always envisioned a jean jacket for so many looks and I finally got around to picking one up last week. It's something that goes with almost anything, adds a feeling of "effortless cool", and not something you have to spend a lot of money on. And these sandals with a modest wedge go with so many things in my wardrobe- I'll be likely if I don't wear them out by the end of the summer!

I realized I haven't seen anyone else wearing sandals yet! Is it just me or have anyone else starting showing off their toes yet?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

retro sun bathing...

While it's not particularly beach season quite yet- doesn't mean you can't browse for the perfect bathing suit to sport once summer hits. And if you've gone down south this year or planning to- like so many people I know- you've probably already had a head start on browsing the racks or purchasing, whether it be in-store or online. A genre of bathing suit that has grown on me is the retro, vintage-esque suit that channels the 40's or 50's.

Fashion is cyclical. By re-emerging into the mainstream market, these styles of bathing suits have really caught my eye. Why am I loving these retro suits? They are cute, host a variety of feminine patterns, and flattering on a wide variety of body types! 

Source: ModCloth

While I'm warming up with the start of sandal season and baring my toes, I have't quite got that serious in regards to buying any swim wear myself. (Especially on a day like yesterday when it hails!) But I have been browsing! I like the above styles from ModCloth with preference to the two piece suits. For some more vintage-inspired pieces, I've also come across a good selection at Shabby Apple.

What are you looking for in the perfect bathing suit this summer?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

photo adventure...

On the rainy Sunday past, Emma (aka Darling Dilemma) and I sat in Tim Hortons uptown, sipping coffee and chatting. One of our conversations focused on the interesting reality of what connections Twitter can bring- who we've met based on followings and the opportunities it has provided us each. I initially came into contact with Emma last fall when I came across her as a Saint Johner with jewellery site on Esty and proposed I help promote her designs through a giveaway on my blog. She's one of those lovely people I'm glad I've gotten the chance to know after networking online. 

King Street and Brunswick Square were both bare, but things were hopping in Market Square! Emma, being a bit more of a knowledgeable photographer than myself took my outfit photos that day and in exchange I was happy to accessorize my outfit with some of her designs! I'm not the first local blogger she has teamed up with as a fun way to promote her brand- she and Melissa (Sigh Gush Gasp)- got together last month for their own photo adventure uptown (click here and here)! 

Here's the results of our indoor collaboration due to the less than stellar weather that day!

Wearing Darling Dilemma's Orchid

Wearing Darling Dilemma's Orchid

Wearing Darling Dilemma's Orchid

Wearing Darling Dilemma's Orchid

Wearing Darling Dilemma's Orchid

Wearing Darling Dilemma's Careless Whispers

Wearing Darling Dilemma's Careless Whispers

Wearing Darling Dilemma's Careless Whispers

Wearing Darling Dilemma's Careless Whispers

Wearing Darling Dilemma's Careless Whispers

Wearing Darling Dilemma's Waves of Love

Wearing Darling Dilemma's Waves of Love

Wearing Darling Dilemma's Waves of Love

The Outfit
  • Jean jacket: Bluenotes (SJ, Apr '11)
  • Maxi dress: Yumi- Je Suis Prest Boutique (SJ, Apr '11)
  • Braided elt: Eddie Bauer (Moncton, Aug '06)
  • Wedge sandals: Steve Madden- The Urban Shoe Myth (SJ, Apr '11)
  • Silver cuff bracelet: Coach (gifted from my sister, Dec '10)

Be sure to browse more of Darling Dilemma's jewellery designs and follow her brand via:
*Facebook      *Etsy      *Blog      *Twitter

Check out her blog to find out about the discount she's offering for Mother's Day!
Despite the dismal weather outside, this was my first time sporting sandals this year- and I had just picked up these cute, comfy, go-with-everything wedges from The Urban Shoe Myth on Friday during their Grand Opening (and 20% off sale)!

Disclosure: In working with the lovely Emma, she took my outfit photos with her camera and edited them in exchange for modelling and displaying a selection of her necklaces that I felt were a good fit with my personal style.  

Monday, April 18, 2011

i love coco... what my Maison Scotch t-shirt reads. This is what broke the straw off the camel's back and caused me to spoil my shopping fast. (So I guess it's fair to say it was more of a shopping diet...) Maison Scotch is a new favourite brand of mine (found within the confines of Envy), with their cute t-shirts, button-ups, and blazers- each having a unique, quirky add-on to the piece (whether it be a necklace, handkerchief pocket square, or bow tie). In this case, my Chanel lovin' tee came with the dandelion necklace that hangs around my neck in the photos below.

Finally, my hair is long enough that I can pull it into a ponytail or a bun without stick a million bobby pins into my scalp. I'm really only growing it out for the purpose of a wedding day updo- only to have it chopped off again. When it get's this long, it's harder to hold a curl, and becomes a big mass that just gets in my face, therefore I spend most of my time wearing it up. Keeping it shorter makes me accountable for actually styling my hair and not defaulting to the easy way out. This look I like to call my ballerina hair-do. Keep in mind that I'm neither graceful nor did my ballet training extend past the age of 4.

The Outfit

T-shirt: Maison Scotch- Envy (SJ, Apr '11)
Cardigan: Kensie- Je Suis Prest Boutique (SJ, Dec '09)
Jeggings: Guess- Envy (SJ, Dec '10)
Flats: Blowfish- Little Burgundy (Toronto, May '09)
Purse: Fossil- Manchester (gifted from B, Dec '10)

Loitering outside the bottom entrance of the Alehouse, this outfit I wore on a wedding-errand Saturday with B. We had just embarked on an early supper, having visited floral designer Sandra Miller to pick out and plan flowers for the wedding and completed the task of registering at Decor8 in Brunswick Square (we also registered at Sears). Tuesday afternoon we head out to Rothesay to round out our wedding registries with PGal's Closet!