Friday, April 1, 2011

happy birthday je suis prest!

Two years ago today began a the start of a fashion revolution in our little city. Kiera Fraser took a chance and opened a fashionista's boutique in uptown Saint John. Today, Kiera's store turns 2 years old!

Je Suis Prest Boutique was one of the first in a string of fashion-forward independent boutiques opening in Saint John aimed at young women. For the first time, I stopped buying the majority of my clothing in Halifax or Toronto. In fact, clothing from the racks of Je Suis Prest flooded my closet and below I have of a small sample of proof. Check out the Je Suis Prest outfit collage I compiled from my blog photos spanning over the past year:

I started to go for the beautiful clothing and I kept going back because I was not only loved the selection, but I also was hooked on those that worked there! The Je Suis Prest girls make business a more personal experience and now I drop by not only to shop the clothing, but I'm often found there hanging out or trying everything on (especially when Joy fills a room for me)!

My friend Kiera is one impressive young woman.  She has helped evolve the style of this city, one girl at a time! Not only has she has impacted our wardrobes with her merchandise choices she has also impacted the community: she organized and rounded up troops for Out with the Old, & In with the New at Rhoda's on numerous occasions, lent her store's clothing to countless fashion shows and photo shoots, writes a fashion column in the local KV Style, and she is also active within the entrepreneurial community in this city (and won the Young Entrepreneur Award from the Saint John Board of Trade last November). She's such a down to earth girl with a wonderful personality to top it off!

 Je Suis Prest ladies (L-to-R): Joy, Kiera, & Meg

To the Je Suis Prest girls, keep up the great work: you're wonderful! Tonight I'm excited to celebrate Je Suis Prest Boutique's second anniversary!

P.S. Click here to check out my blog post from a year ago, on Je Suis Prest's first birthday!

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