Wednesday, April 28, 2010

more online sales....

Who doesn't love free shipping or 50% off boots?

American Eagle
This also proves very shipping on footwear and buy 2, get 1 free graphic tees!

Jessica Simpson
Bright hues! 20% off handbags!

Vince Camuto
Gorgeous shoes and handbags! 25% off

As always, happy shopping!

what we wore...

Last weekend Ben and I travelled to Halifax to visit some of our lovely friends. I thought I'd photo log my own ensemble as well as the style of my girl friends Jenny & Shannon!


Boho Chic
Pink & white top- Numph- Sweet Pea Boutique
Brown belt- Le Chateau
Brown tights- Le Chateau
Brown boots- Le Chateau

Pretty in Pink & Neutrals
Soft pink top with lace shoulders- City Streets (Park Lane Mall)
Black jeans- Guess- Pseudio
Beige platform heels- Steve Madden

Emerald Mini
Green dress- People's Market- Sweet Pea Boutique
Polka dot sheer black tights- Ricki's
High heeled pendant necklace- Dogeared- Je Suis Prest Boutique
Black pumps- Guess- Winners (Toronto)
Black & white cuff- Chanel

We cabbed over to see Christine's new apartment and had drinks.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

before there was sex and the city...

...there was The Carrie Diaries. Prequel to the series Sex and the City, here comes the coming-of-age story of Carrie Bradshaw. The book was released today and I walked into Indigo this evening to find it sitting on one of the front shelves!
The Carrie Diaries

This weekend, on our drive to Halifax, I flipped through some of my preferred reading material to catch up on current trends and styles. I had a couple of the latest copies of Harper's Bazaar in the back seat and had purchased May's issues of Vogue and Glamour.
Vogue featuring Carrie Bradshaw herself, Sarah Jessica Parker
Lauren Bradshaw splashed on the cover of Glamour

Inside Glamour was a small feature on the new book: "Meet Carrie Before Sex and the City", labelling The Carrie Diaries "a prequel about the fashionista's makeout years"!
Glamour asks Bushnell a few questions: was it fun to imagine Carrie in high school, do we meet any of her future friends, and how did she came up with Carrie's bad boy interest?
Apparently, Carrie hails from a small town prior to NYC, meets Samantha first of the fabulous foursome, and there almost wasn't a romantic interest in the story...

The book focuses on Carrie's life as a 17 year old and a senior in high school. And then there's Sebastian Kydd, her early version of Mr. Big. This prequel will tell the story that leads us to what brings Carrie to New York City. Read an excerpt from the book!
Word is that this is the first of two books- the sequel being expected next year. (Bushnell has already starting writing it.)

This year, I'm just pumped to read The Carrie Diaries and I cannot wait to see Sex and the City 2 next month on May 28! You can bet I'll be there opening night!

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Once in a while I see an envelope addressed to me from Coach in the mail! I open it up to find an invite to save 25% off a purchase in-store over a very short span of time. Unfortunately, I do not live anywhere near a Coach store, it cannot be applied to an online purchase, and I will not be in a city that holds one between the dates of April 30 and May 9, 2010.
See how pretty the Julia bags are?

Oh Mike Tucci, President of Coach Retail, how you tease me.

a change of dress

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Monday, April 26, 2010

emptying the contents of my shopping bags....

This weekend past I was in Halifax to visit some of my wonderful friends!

Unfortunately I did come across some disappointing news driving into Halifax this time. When we drove past Peepshow Girly Boutique on Barrington, I gasped and Ben knew it wasn't good. I was saddened to find out that one of my favouite boutiques had closed in the last couple months...

But now, on with the good stuff! On Friday evening we all caught up over margaritas and Mexican-themed appetizers. The next day we followed the usual Saturday afternoon routine of brunch at Cora's and then shopping along Spring Garden Road.

The view down Spring Garden

First, lattes...
...the let the shopping begin!

American Apparel

I was mesmerized by the wall of coloured and patterned tights!
So many choices! Bold hues, 2-toned, water colour, geo-mesh, fish-net, and other patterns! I just stood there and stared...

In the end I decided on these:
Sheer luxe back seam pantyhose in Ash Rose

I also purchased this lace print nylon tricot 3/4 sleeve dress:
Though I have to say I would never wear white tights with this dress!

Then Christine led us up Queen Street to Sweet Pea, which I had surprisingly never been to, but had heard a lot about before. 
I loved the selection, the staff was friendly and sweet, and now I can say this boutique is one of my favouite stores. I didn't realize how long the wait for the dressing room was before I had set aside 7 dresses to try on...but the wait was worth it!
This emerald green People's Market dress caught my eye and I almost didn't try it on because of the price. In the end it was too beautiful not to buy (and the store owner generously cut me a discount)! This is exactly the shade of green I want for the bridesmaid dresses.

(On a side note, remember the Lost dress I purchased last week? Well I saw the same dress in Sweet Pea, but I had gotten it at Je Suis Prest for $15 less!)

One of my favourite accessory shops is Splurge, in the Park Lane Mall

In Envy, I picked up this S line cotton/silk blend top in turquoise.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

less is more!

This weekend Martin + Osa is offering 30% off their entire line and today is the last day!

I've posted a few items that I like on their site! (...And if I hadn't just spent yesterday afternoon shopping here in Halifax, I might have sprung for a few things!)

Watercolour floral flyaway tank

Crackled foil scoop neck tank

Slouchy v-neck pocket tee

Textured cargo short

Havaianas with peacock feathers!

Dolce Vita Uma espadrille

 Coming up: look for my posts on this weekend's shopping affair in Halifax!