Sunday, April 4, 2010

from my closet...

Thursday was Je Suis Prest's 30% off anniversary sale. I met Katie in Brunswick Square after work and we  browsed the racks. Kiera plays with the layout and displays so that everytime I go in there, I find a mixture of new pieces and a pretty sweater or dress I might have missed last time. So, as per usual, I hauled half of the store with me into the dressing room! I left the store happy with 4 new pieces.

My shopping bag on the couch once I got home- the trip to Je Suis Prest was followed by further shopping with Krista & Shauna and then we met Alex and Tabor for dinner @ Urban Deli.

So I decided to do as Jessica Shroeder and play  What I Wore.
(Jessica runs a personal style blog- What I Wore- and posts pictures of what she wore for a particular occasion or event. She and I have slightly different styles- but I do admire hers and I love her blog.)
I photographed my outfits from this weekend:

Dinner @ Lemongrass with B & work friends (Jane, Alex, Shauna, Sara + Justin) and then later, drinks @ Rocky's & Churchill's.

Grey sweater (love the coat tails in the back!)- Nymph- Je Suis Prest (bought Thurs)
Teal tank- Aritzia (gift from Kristen)
Grey tank- Abercrombie (trip to Bangor in Nov '09)
Grey leggings- TNA (trip to Toronto in Dec '09)
Black boots- Town Shoes (Halifax, 3 seasons ago)
Leaf necklace- Splurge (Halifax, 2 years ago)


Lily & Bella's Birthday Party- they turned 2!

Blue & green graphic print top- DEPT- Je Suis Prest (last week before I heard of the sale!)
Skinny jeans- Dish- Pseudio (last fall)
Black flats- Aldo (ordered online- sale!)
Green purse- Guess (Paris, 2 years ago)
Sterling silver necklace with heeled shoe pendant- Dogeared- Je Suis Prest (can't see in this picture but click here)

Night time

Drinks (Blueberry wine for me!) @ my place with Jenny, Shauna, Steph & Jenn- then off to O'learys.

Black & pink dress- Jack BB Dakota- Je Suis Prest (bought on Thurs)
Black pumps- Guess- Winners (Toronto, 1 1/2 yrs ago)
Heart crystal necklace- Swarovski (gift from Ben)
Pearl earrings- American Eagle (a few months ago)


Brunch @ Cora's with Jenny & Ben, then Easter dinner with my family in GB

Pink peasant top- Numph- Je Suis Prest
Sheer white tank- Alternative- Je Suis Prest
Skinny jeans- Mavi- Pseudio (Halifax 2 1/2 years ago)
Brown flats- Aldo (ordered online, 1 year ago)
Sterling silver necklace with heeled shoe pendant- Dogeared- Je Suis Prest (can't see in this picture but click here)

 Here's where my clothes are stored- the closet I currently share with Ben.

Coming up: Ben recently agreed to my plan to set up one of the spare rooms as a dressing room and closet! Stay tuned for future posts of my new project to make over the other room!

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