Tuesday, April 6, 2010

hello sunshine!

Finally, the Weather Network promised something that Mother Nature could deliver today. Sunshine and some warmth! Although there was a bit of a breeze in the city, the temperature was in the mid-teens. The weather forecast had predicted 2 days of sun on Saturday and Sunday...which we never saw in Saint John but instead, we were stuck with fog.

This morning I went through usual email check and blog reads, when I came across a video made by Coach featuring the Kristin Collection and 5 New York style bloggers (including What I Wore's Jessica Schroeder). When I first saw this video a month ago and viewed the collection, I fell in love with the yellow wristlet, which seemed perfect for spring! However I was responsible and held off on the purchase because the timing wasn't right. But being the thoughtful individual she is and knowing it was on my mind, Kristen bought it as a surprise and then sent it to me as an early birthday gift! Don't I have a great best friend?

The wristlet has been in my possession a little over a week now and it's already seen a lot of Saint John. It's been out to dinner, uptown to the bar, gone to coffee and came shopping with me. Since this city tends to be a little foggy, it's not a bad idea to carry a little sunshine in hand. Since the sun had finally come out and it actually felt like spring, I decided to match my other accessories to the season!

The Accessories:

1. Michael Kors sunglasses
(TJ Max- New Hampshire)

2. Leaf earrings
(Splurge- Park Lane Mall in Halifax)

3. Sterling silver rose necklace
(previous birthday gift from Jess & Shannon 2 years ago)

4. Green Samsung Reclaim cell phone

5. Green Inglot nail polish for my toes
(cosmetic store in Montreal)


6. Yellow Coach wristlet from Kristin Collection 
(early b-day gift from Kristen this year)

The Outfit:

The above, plus I'll show you my other 2 purchases from the sale at Je Suis Prest on Thursday.
The DEPT grey shrug and purple Jack BB Dakota dress (finished off with a pair of black flats from Aldo):

 The Outting:

Ben and I hopped in the car, headed to the mall and then up the hill to Starbucks (by random, my receipt printed an online survey request with the reward of a free drink for next time...then, for some reason, the espresso machines (both) were on the fritz and for the wait they kindly gave me a coupon for another free drink!) 
We then drove uptown to Vogue Optical and he helped me to pick out a new pair of glasses and prescription sunglasses.
And finally, we stopped by On The Vine to pick up food for supper, as we were planning a BBQ!
As the sun started to tuck behind the clouds again, Katie came over for a double Twilight feature with the BBQ as an intermission!


Anonymous said...

OMG Cute dress & shrug!
And yes, you really do have a great best friend ;) Too bad Coach didn't consult with me on the spelling of their new collection - they got it wrong with the "i" in Kristin not Kristen.
Ten's are always better than Tin's ;)
Can't wait for your trip to TO!

L said...

That little blue dress is fab on you.
Also, enjoying your versions of "What I wore."

Lisa said...

Finally someone who has the same phone as me! And middle name coincidentally... :-)