Thursday, April 1, 2010

happy birthday je suis prest!

I'm excited for tomorrow for a few reasons:
  1. Pay day :)
  2. It may be only Thursday, but it's the start to a long weekend!
  3. Je Suis Prest Boutique is having a sale- 30% off regular priced merchanise!!
I turned the radio on in the car on my way to work the other day to hear Kiera's radio ad on 97.3 the wave, and I thought, this couldn't be better timing where I had just filed my taxes the night before (with the help of H&R Block). It might be even the best news I've heard all week! Although the work week has been short, it has definitely felt looong! So what better way to kick off the long weekend than a visit to my favourite store in SJ?!

This shop has offered a refreshing and unique change to the regular collection of chain retail stores you find in this city. Everytime I go into the changing room, I've taken so many items off the rack to try on! Some of my favourite labels the store carries are as follows:

(*Please note that the above outfits may not the exact product found in store for these brands.)

I was reading barbbarbbarb's blog- she went into the store with her camera and she's posted some pictures- to give you an idea of what's on the racks! (If you weren't just in the store last Saturday like myself!) Click here to see her post!

So I hope to see you tomorrow...that is, unless you're my size!

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