Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hats off to charlie!

Today a FB friend pointed me in the direction of a unique millinery located in Prince Edward Island, by the name of Love Charlie. She told me that she had thought of me when she thought of this line, so she decided to pass the website on to me! This brand, in my opinion, has a stylish and feminine flair that I`m loving.

The millinery prides itself in offering a wide range of styles including cocktail hats, fedoras, pillbox hats, cloches, vertsatile fascinators and brooches, unique head bands and custom pieces. Love Charlie`s favourite materials are as follows: new and vintage millinery trims, vintage, repurposed and imported fashion fabrics, feather, flowers, veiling, and one of a kind embellishments.``

You can browse and order their head pieces through their personalized website or through their Etsy Shop.

Below I`ve featured my favourite picks from their collections:



  1. Lyla one of a kind cocktail hat, wedding fascintaor ($99 USD)

  2. TC Peacock fascinator brooch ($42.00)

  3. Patricia Lovely grape cocktail hat ($65 USD)

  4. Ophelia mini wool top hat ($155 USD)

  5. Clareese cocktail hat ($140 USD)
My absolute favourite from Love Charlie is this hair piece that I would love love love to wear for my wedding next June!

You can see why she thought this company might peak my interest....

Feathered head piece: from the pretty shop Splurge in Park Lane Mall, Halifax

The artistic flair of a head piece is right up the alley of one of my favourite style icons.

Sarah Jessica Parker
@ the opening of the 1st SATC movie
(2 months to the sequel!)

"Fashion is a kind of communication. It's a language without words. A great hat speaks for itself."

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