Monday, March 29, 2010

blast from the past

So, this technically isn't my first venture as a blogger....I started a live journal account 4 years ago to chronicle the advenures and happenings my friends and I got into throughout our last semester of undergrad @ UNB and the summer to follow. I almost always had my camera on me. I would then sit down at my desk on Shore Street to post photos from the weekend or a party and tell the story of how the events unfolded picture by picture!

My photos for this blog are all uploaded from photobucket. The other day when I tried to sign up with the site to store photos for maritime shopaholic I was reminded that I had a pre-existing account. Then comes the walk down memory lane when I rediscovered the forgotten live journal I used until October 2006...when a well known thing we call Facebook became all the rage. The blog contained over 1000 photos of what me and my friends were up to over the 9 months I posted. The early posts were from UNB, transition to summer, and then the later entries lead into my first term at Dal. My friends and I used to browse through the blog to relive and recount previous events before the reign of FB.

My life as I knew it back in '06...

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