Friday, September 30, 2011

Rhoda's Round-up...

This would be the third time I've participated in Rhoda's as a group of (mostly) women selling our gently loved clothing at very low prices- and most of us putting these dollars towards this season's wish-list. Some simply have too much in our closets we just are not wearing, some were moving, and some came to browse early amongst the best choices of barefuly worn pieces from this city's fashionistas.

It's something we do every 6-8 months. One girl speaks up and announces she needs to clean out, others agree, and then a date is picked in which we'll all spend our early Sunday morning piling our goods on tables at Rhoda's Flea Market. A Facebook event is created and then we spread the word. A lot of us have had great success: in finding great items barely worn or making some instant cash.

Some of my barely worn shoes that went to new owners.
They either didn't get enough wear or didn't fit me just right.

I brought my seasonal clothing up from the basement,
pulling which items were going back in my closet and which were coming to Rhoda's.

Shoes (mostly Aldo) and bags (both Guess) on my and Katie's shared table.

Assortment of tops and accessories I brought with me this time.

Dresses Katie & I had hung up on my rolling rack (I was really prepared this time around!)

Some of us were lucky enough to have friends bring us Starbucks. (Thanks Barb)
Because it wasn't open yet when we were setting up!

Well it was a profitable good time once again. Congrats to some of the ladies who got those excellent scores off of Kiera's (owner of Je Suis Prest) table. Staying beside the action, I had to keep myself from picking up an eye-catching piece or two! My closet is full enough! (Don't tell B I actually admitted that!)

Stay tuned for the next Rhoda's trip in the next 6-8 months.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

new red...

So after going shorter, I decided to change my colour and go redder. I ended up with a darker shade than me and my hair stylist initially expected, so I went back in this week and she brightened it up with bold copper streaks. Below is the in between dark auburn after the inital visit to Reflections.

The Outfit: Floral tank top: BB Dakota- Leather House (St. Andrews- July '11)
Button-up top: Toggery- Black Dog Boutique (SJ, July '11) | Necklace: Aldo (Moncton, Aug '11)
Sandals: Sam Edelman- Piperlime (online, July '11) | Bracelets- Aldo (Moncton, Aug '11)
Skinny Jeans: 7 for All Mankind- Envy (SJ, July '11)

It's funny how things change over time. When I was younger I didn't like having red hair and freckles. I was the only red head in my third grade class. Now that I'm older and both features have faded, I do what I can to keep them!

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Brunswick Square Fall Fashion Show- organizers, MCs, models- everyone did an amazing job! After uploading over 350 pictures from the show, I can't wait to share them. Monday you'll see photos go up on the Brunswick Square fashion blog, on Tuesday I'll post my favourite looks here and then all the photos will be posted on the Maritime Shopaholic Facebook page.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NBFW update 2.0....

So, I know many people have been wanting to know what exactly is happening for New Brunswick Fashion Week. A lot of people have caught word about it, but many still don't know exactly what, where, and when it's happening. Things seem to be coming together and now I have a few more details to share with you, as well as the logo, if you haven't seen it already:

Winning logo design by Danielle Queen, also a clothing designer to be featured in NBFW

New Brunswick's 1st fashion week might be a modest one, but it's a good start to promoting the fashion industry here in Atlantic Canada. Currently, most of our trained designers either have to move away to pursue their career or travel another job avenue because the infrastructure and support just isn't there to allow them to create and produce their pieces in a time and financially feasible manner. We've seen improvement and interest increase here rapidly in the last 5 years and the retail aspect is growing stronger. However, in order to support our designers, there needs to production and marketing and accessibility to textiles to keep them here and attract buyers. So here's the next step to opening those doors.

According to the issue of Here magazine published last week, we can expect to see runway shows, an accessories show, a body awareness workshop, a makeover workshop, a hair and make-up fantasy competition, and a creative catwalk. NBFW will be set in Moncton and Saint John between September 30- October 7. Most of Saint John's excitement will be happening into one big day on Friday, October 7 at the Trade and Convention Centre. The exact line-up of festivities and events I am not yet certain of, but expect to find out more earlier next week when Buchanan & Co. host a press/media party.  

Event poster for an evening at the Trade & Convention Centre, October 7th

Things worth knowing:
  • You can purchase tickets for October 7 from Salon Circa, Manchester Shoe Salon, or Imperial Theatre
  • Tickets are $30 for the entire day and evening events; $10 for the afternoon
  • More volunteers are needed to help with registration, dressers, back-stage, and set up. Contact if you're interested.
  • Bloggers, photographers and press interested in covering NBFW, contact to receive a media pass and an invite to the media party next week
  • Be sure to tune into RogersTV tonight (Sept 28) at 8pm for Dropline: They'll be dedicating an entire hour's show to NBFW featuring organizer of NBFW Linda Buchanan, Salon Circa hair stylist Danny Coholon, owner of Manchester Shoe Salon Cathy Hutchinson, and designer Danielle Queen.  
  • If you can't catch the Dropline segement tonight (like me, because I'll be at the Brunswick Square Fashion Show) you can also see it again on RogersTV on Sunday, Oct 2 @ 8pm!

Some of the VIPS (the designers!) being featured during NBFW:
If anyone knows any more designers participating, please let me know! (

To stay updated follow NBFW via Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Website

And there you have it: everything I know as of now. I'll be sure to fill you in with more specifics regarding Friday's line-up when I find out more. Will you be attending any of the NBFW events?  

*Correction issued: If you read the blog post earlier, I apologize- turns out the TV segment on RogersTV is actually tonight, Sept 28, not next week as originally posted.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

seeing red...

As many of you may know, I had been in love with J Brand's red jeans...however, I couldn't quite part with the $176 + shipping over a pair of pants I wasn't entirely sure I'd wear over multiple seasons. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, American Eagle was one of the first more affordable brands that had the solution. I wasn't able to find these pants in-store because I believe they are only being carried online and in their flagship stores. (FYI...earlier this week I saw that Old Navy is also carrying red denim directly in-store.)

I was initially quite disappointed with my purchase. When my package arrived on the doorstep, I excitedly tried on the red American Eagle jeggings only to find out they fit at least 1 size smaller than their regular jeggings! I solved this dilemma by stuffing them and stretching them over the back of the chair...and then they fit much better the following day.

Popularity of coloured denim is gradually taking off this fall as many brands have introduced jeans and jeggings in multiple hues. (I'm now coveting Free People's denim skinnies in emerald and voilet!)

The Outfit: Jeggings: American Eagle (online, Sept '11)  | Shoes: Aldo (online, Oct '10) 
Tank: American Eagle (Fredericton, Winter '07) 
Earrings: Esquared- Silver Daisy Designs (SJ, July '11)
Hoodie: Alternative Apparel, Je Suis Prest Boutique (SJ, July '11)
Sheer animal print top: BB Dakota- Je Suis Prest Boutique (SJ, Aug '11)

As you may have noticed in these pictures, gone is my assymetrical bob. As much as I enjoyed the style for a few short months, I really needed an even cut for styling symplicity. When it comes to my hair, I want something that is stylish, but quick and easy. Hence why I go with a beachy/bedhead look- it only takes 5 minutes to style in the morning!

Monday, September 26, 2011

fashion forward...

Here's a date that you're going to want to book into your calendar: Fashion Forward, an Uptown Affair will be an exciting, glam evening of shopping with a toast to fashion. There'll be a goodie bags for the first 100 shoppers to meet up at Brunswick Square's Centre Court on the main floor, a toast to the evening with Normand Hector (director of NWH Modelling and Fashion Council Saint John's president), a map to guide you through the evening, and even an after-party at the Canterbury Lounge!

Sponsored by Uptown Saint John, the evening of October 6 will involve a large number of uptown shops staying open late and offering deals, demonstrations, or just something special for their customers! For example, I know that Silver Daisy Designs on King Street is offering something special for their first costumers that evening, hosting a live model (a fashion blogger you may all know!), crackle nail polish demos, and for every $50 you spend in-store that night, you will get a ticket towards the draw for a fabulous Marc Jacobs purse!

So get ready to wear your fall fashion's best and save your spending for Thursday, October 6. I'll be sure to update you as I hear more of what the shops of Uptown have in store for you!

Here's an up-to-date list of other events you're also going to want to mark in your calendar:

Friday, September 23, 2011

fashion events..

After a week and a bit of a hiatus, I'm back to blogging! Not that I ever wanted to take a break...but sometimes a busy streak in life can cause any of us to go MIA once in a while...but with so many local fashion events coming up, there is so much material to cover!

Such an example would be Silver Daisy Design's upcoming Sex and the City Soiree on Friday, the first annual fundraiser fashion show to be held in memory of Dr. Anthony Lordon. The event will be hosted at the Lily Lake Pavillon on Friday, October 14.

Last week, some local fashion bloggers were invited to the shop after hours to. We've been invited to participate in a fun side project related to the fashion show!

Post-meeting Kate, Candice, Barb, and I found the perfect spot for shooting outfit photos- it was a lot more fun to shoot photos with pals than doing it by yourself! (Thanks to Kate for taking my outfit photos.)

The Outfit: Dress: BB Dakota- Piperlime (ordered online, Sept '11) | Boots: Aldo (gifted, Dec '09)
Necklace & Bracelet: Aldo Accessories (Moncton, Aug '11)

Silver Daisy's fashion show isn't the only fashion-related event on the horizon in the next month. Have you already purchased your tickets for Brunswick Square Annual Fall Fashion Show next Wednesday, Sept 28? Last year's event was sold out, so be sure to stop by a participating store to pick up your ticket!

Be sure to also book off the evening of October 6 on your calendar! Next post (to be up either later today or tomorrow at the latest), I'll let you know more about Saint John's shop hop version of Fashion Night's Out: Fashion Forward.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fashion Council Saint John...

One of my favourite colours for fall would have to be burnt orange. It's a hue that works on a variety of skin tones. With it, I threw on this modern take on your grandfather's plaid vest. The outfit in this post I wore to the first meeting of Fashion Council Saint John (FCSJ).

FCSJ is a not-for-profit organization that will work towards supporting the fashion businesses in Saint John. An open invite was extended via the FCSJ Facebook page mid last month with the first meeting held Aug 30 at the Canterbury Lounge. Initial interest was a collective of retailer owners, bloggers, models, stylist, designer, and fashion enthausiasts.  

Normand Hector (NWH Modelling), the man behind the idea, was invited to chat on CBC radio regarding what FCSJ is and what this council will bring to Saint John. Click here to listen to Normand's interview.  

The Outfit: Vest- H&M (Moncton, Aug '11) | Bracelet- Esquared, Silver Daisy Designs (SJ, June '11) 
Jeans- 7 for Mankind, Envy (SJ, May '11) | Necklace- H&M (Moncton, Aug '11)
Shoes- Steve Madden, The Urban Shoe Myth (SJ, June '11) | Blouse- Joe Fresh (SJ, Aug '11)

If you're interested in getting involved with FCSJ, please check out the Facebook page and get in touch with Normand. The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 4.

In other event news, we're hosting a blogger meet-up next month here in Saint John! Be sure to check out my post from earlier this morning for more details! 

Blogger Meet-Up!

It's always more fun when a party has a theme! Next month's blogger meet-up will be paired with a girl's other best friend: shoes. The Urban Shoe Myth will be hosting Saint John's first blogger meet-up on Wednesday, October 12, from 6:30 to 8:30pm!

This event is open to all style, beauty, and photography bloggers in and around the Saint John area- and anyone from out of town that can make it, we'd love to see you too! Basically, if you blog with an interest in fashion- come join us for drinks, finger foods, and shoe shopping on the 12th- the store will be open outside their usual hours for our party! Guys, you are welcome to come too. They may not sell men's shoes but food can help make up for it!

Not only will we have the opportunity to meet and greet, but we'll also be sharing tips and chatting about how to better our blogs. Outfit bloggers, we'll be meeting up 1/2 hour before the event to take outfit photos together!

So I can ensure I don't miss anyone, please email me at for your personal invitation!

Monday, September 12, 2011

stylish bride...

Essentially, that's one of the many wishes any girl has for her wedding day: to find the perfect wedding dress that's just her style. Then add a beautiful venue, tasteful invitations (with about a million stamps), the best tasting cake, a talented photographer and dresses that flatter all your bridesmaids...and you've got one hefty "to do" list.

With just having celebrated my own wedding in June, I completely understand how it's a delicate balance between planning the perfect day and remembering you have a budget! Fashion and personal style are very relevant factors when it comes to the biggest task: choosing the right dress.

If you're recently engaged or wedding bells are in your near future, nothing is more efficient than finding all your wedding  vendors under one roof. That's exactly what's happening on the evening of Friday, September 23: you'll find over 40 vendors and businesses setting up booths at the Trade and Convention Centre.

And the best part? (Well, in my opinion!) A fashion show, of course. Heavenly Gowns will be featuring over 70 wedding dresses in a runway show put on by NWH Modelling and Fashion Shows and hosted by Normand Hector (this will be his 10th show with Heavenly Gowns). We all know how important finding the dress here's the best way to get a preview of what you may and may not love...without trying on a million dresses.

Photo Credit: Alfred Angelo

I chatted with both Sheri Israel, owner of Saint John's Heavenly Gowns, and Normand of NWH Modelling, on what's popular and on trend for bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses this year:

Detailing such as lace and flowers continue to be popular and going back to traditional white seems to be a growing trend. When it comes to popular colour palettes for bridesmaid dresses, it's been all over the map this year. In that case, I'd recommend choosing a favourite colour that will be flattering with your bridemaids' skin tones.  

Tickets can be purchased at Heavenly Gowns (230 Thorne Avenue) prior to the event for only $10 or if you're a last minute type of gal, you can still grab a ticket at the door for $15. The bar will be open, so here's a great excuse to invite your girl friends for a post-work drink to say hello to the weekend, all while scoping out choices for your upcoming wedding. Finding them all under one roof is so much easier than searching for them individually, plus there will be many prizes to be given out...including one girl's choice of a wedding dress from Heavenly Gowns!

Date: Friday, September 23
Time: 4:30-10:00pm
Location: Trade & Convention Centre, Saint John

What you'll find:
Caterers | Photographers | Dress Shops | Wedding Venues
Event Planners | Make-up & Hair | Beauty Services | Gift Registries | Decorators

Plus, Heavenly Gowns' Fashion Show
featuring 70 bridal gowns & bridesmaid dresses

Will you be attending?

*This post has been sponsored by Trademark Show Productions. From experience, I know how important it is to a bride-to-be to find her perfect dress that she can look amazing and feel comfortable in. It's likely the most important dress you'll shop for. In my experience, events like these really make the planning process so much easier! 

Friday, September 9, 2011

3 things: 3 fall trends to love!

So the fall shopping has begun. For some reason, despite the fact that I don't have a "convenient" back-to-school reason to shop anymore once September hits, I still always have a list of needs and wants. Here are 3 items that still top that list right now:

1. Coloured Denim

Photos & Prices from Piperlime & American Eagle
a) Paige Denim $179.00  |  b) J Brand $176.00  |  c) American Eagle $44.11

People may have heard me talk about how much I've been in love with J Brand's red jeans over the last couple of months. I hesitated on this purchase just because I couldn't bring myself to spend $176+ on a trend I wasn't entirely sure would last multiple seasons, despite the fact that I love them. I did spring for J Brand's olive cargos for a pricey detail last year, but these are a pant that have already lasted multiple seasons of still being relevant. To solve my indecisiveness over the matter, when American Eagle was having a 40% off sale this past weekend, I came across a red jegging on their website- sold!

Another colour for denim that I can see being popular for fall would be in a burgundy- although you may still have to hand over a larger fee for those too, word on the street says that Joe Fresh will be bringing in a more affordable pair...

2. Tie-Neck Blouses
Photos & Prices from Piperlime

a) Ark & Co. $49.00  |  b) Marc by Marc Jacobs $278.00  |  c) Rachel Zoe $295.00

This style of blouse always makes me think Rachel Zoe therefore I wasn't surprise to see it in her collection for fall! (Despite the fact the it's a big hit for fall, the fact that it's reminiscent of RZ to me is enough to sell me on it.) Although the Marc Jacobs and Rachel Zoe blouses are among my favourite, there are more affordable blouses on Piperlime that I would likely give in to first because they wouldn't be as harmful to my bank account.

3. Hiker Booties
Photos & Prices from Piperlime

a) DV by Dolce Vita $89.00  |  b) Enzo Angiolini $139.00  |  c) Lucky Brand $129.00 
Actually, I'm a little torn between the hiker bootie (featured above), riding boots, and motorcycle boots for fall. Frankly, I am just craving a new pair of boots! I'll end up buying them locally though, rather then online. The hiker bootie is incredibly cute though- it mixes rugged and feminine and I like that sort of oxymoron combo- it means you could sport them with jeans, or wear 'em with a skirt or dress! If I don't go for a flat pair of boots this fall, I'll be keeping the heel to a minimum or a wedge- much more practical, thereby increasing my future cost-per-wear!

Alright, now that I've shared a few fall must-haves, I have 2 questions for you:
  1. What particular pieces are you excited about this fall?
  2. Does anyone (in the Saint John area) want to go in on a Piperlime order with me...? :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

wedding photos...

I've been meaning to share with you some of our of my wedding photos- which we got back a few weeks ago! Lynette (Mason Photography) was great to work with (and at a very reasonable price)! Couldn't be happier with how they turned out- here's a selection of the pictures from our wedding day (June 4, 2011):

My dress: Maggie Sottero, Lockhart's Weddings & Special Occasions
Feather hair piece and bird cage veil also came from Lockhart's
My shoes: Enzo Angiolini, The Urban Shoe Myth
My jewellery: Swarovski, Charm Diamond Centre
Bridesmaid dresses: Mori Lee, Heavenly Gowns
Tuxes for Groom & Groomsmen: Tip Top Tailors
Bouquets & Boutonnieres: Sandra Miller Floral Designs