Friday, September 2, 2011

3 things: fall nails

The last month I`ve been itching to try new shades of polish on my nails. This summer I was leaning more toward oranges, corals, mint, and turquoise, but now that we`re on the verge of fall I`m looking forward to painting with some darker hues!
a) Peridot- Chanel  |  b) Graphite- Chanel  |  c) Essie- Carry on 

Peridot and Graphite are both part of Chanel's Fall 2011 collection: Les Illusions D'ombres de Chanel. I picked up 2 out of the 3 fall nail shades immediately when they became available at Perfumes Plus. I have Peridot on my toes right now! I'm wondering it's a little too early in the season to be a sporting as dark a colour as Graphite- but I can't wait to use the glittery metal shine! 

My third pick recently was from Essie's latest collection: Carry On. This rich burgundy is another shade I'm looking forward to painting my nails with this season.     

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