Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wow, I can't believe how fast 2010 has gone by...hope you are all ready to ring in 2011 with style! Tonight I'm going to a house party in Grand Bay (the neighbouring town I grew up in) to celebrate New Years Eve!

A year in review: here are some of my favourite outfits posted in 2010:

Before we countdown to the new year, I'm counting down my
top 10 blog posts and opportunities of 2010:

invited to visit PGal's closet, where I met Patricia and her daughter Baye (Cupcakes by Baye)
Feature post on Silver Daisy Designs, where I got to meet lovely store owner Kate

8. what we wore:
featured on What I Wore for participating in Jessica's 1st fashion challenge

7. Meeting of the fashionable minds:
I got to meet and have lunch with Kate of O My Heart

6. make-up play date:
make-up work shop at Perfumes Plus, hosted by make-up artist Laura

5. photoshoot fun!:
worked with Lindsay Thorne and Ryan Lavigne of Shutter Creative to help expand their portfolios
4. Je Suis Prest Boutique Fashion Show:
I attended Je Suis Prest Boutique's holiday party and fashion show

The Black Dog Boutique opened on Germain Street and I got a chance to meet wonderful owner Jill

I threw my first blog giveaway, collaborating with Emma of Darling Dilemma

I participated in the 30 for 30 Fashion Challenge organized by Kendi of Kendi Everyday

Thank you everyone for the support you've given my blog this year. Hope you all have a wonderful evening and a great start to 2011! Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve...

Last Friday I wore a Jack dress I purchased from Je Suis Prest Boutique the weekend following their fashion show in November. I intended to wear a pair of red tights with the dress for a festive touch, but unfortunately they ripped after I had pulled them on. After one wear, $12 in shipping...they hardly managed to meet a suitable cost per wear before they bit the dust... Instead, I pulled a pair of black patterened hosiery from my dresser and added a pair of red pumps to the outfit, to give it that touch of Christmas colour.

The Outfit

Sweater- American Eagle (received as a Christmas gift, Dec '09)
Dress- Jack by BB Dakota- Je Suis Prest Boutique (Nov '10)
Hosiery- Winners (Dec '10)
Shoes- Spring (Sept '09)
Necklace- ESquared (Dec '10)
Bracelet- Chanel (Sept '08)

I assure you that our Christmas tree really isn't that short! It likely stands about 7 feet, but I'm also not that tall! Interesting how the camera angle can cause an optical illusion. Although it's as dry as a desert and drops needles when I look at it, our tree will stay up until the New Year- trying to prolong the Holiday spirit!

Christmas Eve I went to mass with my family and then afterwards we gathered at my parents house for our typical buffet with my mom's side of the family. A little wine, and little cheer, and a buzzed game of Clue with my sisters and our other halves made my night! I love this time of year.
P.S. What did you do Christmas Eve? 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

new year glitter...

So what are your big plans for New Years Eve this Friday? Are you attending a black tie event, glamming it up for a night on the town, or attending a house party? We all love the opportunity to ring the new year in with style, even if we are playing it low-key. No matter how we celebrate, most of us ladies will be sure to plan our outfit in advance.

New Year's Eve is often depicted as a glamourous celebration, often with jewels and champagne toasts (or hockey and beer! haha) I still see the occasion of ringing in another year as an opportunity to wear something special to start it off with a bang. I would suggest either going big and bold with your necklace or earrings and more subtle with other pieces. I'm particularly into larger or bib-style necklaces of unique design. For earrings, have a little fun and add a gemstone colour to your pieces (love an emerald shade)!

Below I've included some accessory inspiration, choosen by some key looks I currently love!


  1. Tiffany Legacy Earrings $9,250
  2. Dior Cygne Blanc earrings
  3. Hive & Honey, Piperlime
  4. Kate Spade Square Curve Earring, Piperlime $55
  5. Dior Precieuse Rose earrings
  6. Dressed Up To Dazzle, ModCloth
  7. Sequin Swag Drop Earrings, Piperlime $25
  8. Rose Dior Pre Catelan earrings
  9. Juicy Couture Pave Pyramid Earring, Piperlime $48

  1. Accessory Amore Necklace, ModCloth $36.99
  2. Forever21 Feather Chain Necklace $7.80
  3. Sequin Opal Strand Necklace, Piperlime $90
  4. ESquared A Touch Of Lace Necklace $37
  5. Chanel 'Lace Effect' Jewelled Vest
  6. Esquared Crimson Nights Necklace $35
  7. Tinley Road Glam Statement Neckace, Piperlime $68
  8. Hive & Honey Fringe Bib Necklace, Piperlime $28
  9. Tinley Road Three Layer Necklace, Piperlime $28

Which are your favourites? I hope you all have a wonderful New Years!

Monday, December 27, 2010

opinions please!

Although I report on what's relevant to my closet and my style interests, I want to make sure I am covering content my readers enjoy too! I am so thankful for all the support I've received in the last 9 months I've been writing this blog and I am always trying to stretch my boundaries and look for areas I can improve upon.

I want to hear from you about what'd you like to see in Maritime Shopaholic's New Year's make-over. That being said, I've posted a poll up in the right hand column to get an idea of where to start!

I'd really love it if you took a few seconds to check off which topics interest you! I'm also looking to find ways to interact more with my readers in my blog posts. What do you think would draw yourself or others to want to leave a comment after a post? I'd love to receive some pointers if you wouldn't mind leaving any suggestions in the comments below or emailing me at

Thank you so much everyone!

P.S. Now it's time to go get ready and hit up some of those Boxing Day sales!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

holiday style...

I find what I wear over the days surrounding Christmas vary between the extremes of comfy casual during quiet, relaxing moments and dressing up to attend parties with family and friends. Below I've mapped out my favourite items I plan to implement, style, or wear over the holidays:


  1. Some of my outfits while at home blogging, reading, or opening presents will likely involve a loose top or sweater, such as a long v-neck Toggery top and vest I purchased from The Black Dog Boutique recently.
  2. 'Tis the season to add a little sparkle to your outfit. Using the write pieces, you can work sequins into a casual outfit or evening wear.
  3. Leggings are great for comfort: perfect under a long top or skirt to stay warm.
  4. Cute dresses are necessity for special events like Christmas parties or family dinners. Two dresses I have set aside are I bought from Je Suis Prest Boutique last month: a grey Jack dress and a blue and navy Kling dress.
  5. When wearing a short dress this time of year, it's a little warmer (as well as festive) to throw on a pair of coloured or sparkly pantyhose.
  6. Most of the time I wear studs because my hair is big enough! I also usually tend to wear bigger necklaces, so I go easy on the earrings. I tend to choose silver or gold, depending on the rest of my jewelry.
  7. I'm really into statement necklaces lately: particularly ones such as those created by ESquared.
  8. My nail polish picks for the holidays include Chanel's shades of Coromandel and Gold Lamé
  9. A smokey eye is something that can be worn with a variety of looks and can be applied in varying degrees of boldness for a day or night look.
  10. During the week, I work in many locations that are scent free so I typically save perfume for occasions. One of my favourites is Burberry Brit.
  11. Out of my shoe collection I'm likely to choose red or black pumps to complete any dressier looks. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and that Santa found you all! ;)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

one of new fav designers...

Early this week, I shared an inside look at the Grand Opening of The Black Dog Boutique. Today I thought I'd share my latest purchase from the lovely store on Germain Street. This time of the year, with all the great deals and great finds that stores are offering in the spirit of giving, it's really hard not to be tempted to buy ourselves a gift or two too! I know I've fallen guilty to this!

Everytime I think I've finished my Christmas shopping, I think of something else I need to pick up! I'm mostly finished, but just need to pick up a few things today. I hope to do it early to avoid the crowds and crazy traffic. Oh, the intensity that comes with last minute shopping!

The Outfit
  • Sweater- American Eagle (SJ, Sept '09)
  • Tank top- American Eagle (Fredericton, Winter '07)
  • Skirt w/ belt- Eve Gravel- The Black Dog Boutique (SJ, Dec '10)
  • Leggings- C'est Moi- Je Suis Prest Boutique (SJ, Dec '10)
  • Boots- Town Shoes (Halifax, Nov '07)

What I love about this Eve Gravel skirt (aside from the fact that it's from a Canadian designer!) is that not only was it a perfect fit, but it also has pockets! (I love anything with pockets.) I was initially drawn to the pattern. The nice part about this design is that the skirt almost reaches my knees, which also makes it appropriate for work. I usually try to choose pieces that can be styled for work as well as evenings and weekends. This great skirt also comes in a fantastic cheetah print. There are so many lovely pieces Jill is carrying at The Black Dog Boutique, and I have to say Eve Gravel's are my most favourite! Check out her Fall/Winter 2010-2011 line here.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a shoe isn't just a shoe...'s a fashion statement, a form of self expression, a confidence booster, a height booster, a source of warmth, a source of comfort, an accessory, a necessity. To a woman, a pair shoes mean so much more than they do to a man. Perhaps that's why B gets everything he needs from 7 pairs of shoes, while I own 39 and still could use a few more! Perhaps that's why, on average, women are willing to fork over a higher value for the right pair of shoes.

The other day I flipped through a copy of Innovations, a local publication supporting local business in Saint John, and came across an article on Manchester Shoe Salon. A quote by owner Cathy Hutchinson caught my eye.

I'd have to agree. A good pair of shoes can be a mood (and height!) elevator. Money may not be able to buy happiness, but it can certainly buy a pair of luxurious shoes, which in their own power can exhilarate any shoe fanatic!

And if you are going to splurge on any part of your wardrobe, it really should be your shoes. Brand and designer are obvious cues that inflate the price of footwear. But with quality make and material, the price also goes up. And with quality, you'll see your investment go further when you break it down to cost per wear. You'll see a more expensive, quality-made pair of shoes last longer, meaning you'll have more chances to wear them, and in turn, you'll get more "bang for your buck" (so to speak). And the most important part when evaluating your investment in a pair of shoes is the comfort and condition of your feet. Because everything to do with your stance, your walk, the support and alignment of your whole body; all starts with you feet. No one should have to suffer in the name of fashion. So pick a pair that makes your heart and sole(s) happy!

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Psst! Manchester Shoes is holding a tax free sale on all regular priced shoes and handbags until Friday, December 24!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

black dog boutique's grand opening...

Friday night I found myself at The Black Dog Boutique, a cozy boutique found below the big red 2-4 on Germain Street.

Inside, Jill Kimball, owner of the Black Dog, was hosting the celebratory Grand Opening of her new store, which had opened it's doors to uptown Saint John last month.

Meet Oli. Official greeter and bow-tie clad inspiration behind The Black Dog Boutique.

It takes a special canine to be considered trustworthy amongst racks of beautiful clothing.

I'd describe The Black Dog Boutique's selection as comfortable chic and sophisticated refinery. You have many quality, well constructed garments. I love the variety of prints and rich textures as well.

In the back, where the dressing rooms lie, a group gathered, glasses of bubbly in hand. In attendeance were two of the Mill Rats players, mingling and politely ensuring everyone had a drink in hand from the champagne fountain.

Everyone was mixing and mingling in the dressing room area referred to as "the boudoir"

Here's the lovely and charming Jill with the ever-gentle Oli

Local uptown shop owner Kiera Fraser (Je Suis Prest Boutique) dropped in to browse the latest shipments found on The Black Dog's racks and support Jill in her grand opening.

Jill's current garment selection varies from She Bible, based out of San Fransisco, to the organic, east coast based Toggery. Also in stock are beautiful pieces from Montreal's Valerie Dumaine and Eve Gravel.

Personally, I tried on an Eve Gravel black and cream belted skirt with pockets and fell in love. (Naturally, I had to adopt it.)

If you haven't had the opportunity to check out The Black Dog Boutique, you really should stop in and see Jill and Oli!

Monday, December 20, 2010

santa's helper...

Only 5 days away from Christmas! Have you finished all of your Christmas shopping?

Well, I certainly haven't...and I need to get on it! It's funny to think that for all 6 years I was in university, and away for most of that time, I didn't begin my Christmas shopping until sometime after Dec 20th when the assignments, the papers, and all my exams were all out of the way. And I was ok with that. I'd likely still be hunting down the perfect presents come Christmas Eve! But for some reason since entering "the real world" the pressure is on come the beginning of December to get the mission completed! When do you start your shopping? I started out strong in late November, and then got distracted with other festivities! So tonight is the night I have decided I will finish my shopping!

On a related note, I felt this outfit I wore last week was reminiscent of something an elf would wear...I don't know if it's just all the red (a colour I don't typically wear) or the abundance of stripes...but I feel like it'd just need some bells on my shoes and perhaps a green hat topped with a pom-pom and I'd be working in Santa's workshop making toys!

The Outfit
  • Red top- Matty M- Winners (Toronto, Dec '08
  • Striped top- American Eagle (SJ, Fall '09)
  • Brown pants- Ricki's (SJ, Dec '09)
  • Belt- American Eagle (SJ, 8-9 yrs ago)
  • Necklace- Anne Marie Chagnon- Beckwith & Co. (gifted from my parents, Dec '08)
  • Animal print flats- Nine West (Freeport, Nov '10)

Happy last minute shopping to those that are in the same boat as me! And to those who are even done all their wrapping, well I guess you can just kick back and enjoy your egg nog!