Friday, December 17, 2010

remixing in review: 30 items, 30 outfits

The award of item worn most often goes black flats. I guess I can see why...they're comfortable and go with just about anything, dressy or casual. I suppose you can say they've been the all-star of this remixing venture.

This process was definitely a challenging one that started out easy enough. But as the days pass and the weather becomes colder, I realized that I didn't choose enough sweaters to add into my remix! Dresses, as much as I love them, unfortunately just aren't practical for my work or this time of year. I have to say, this is probably the most difficult time of the year to embark on a fashion challenge that limits clothing selection (well, at least in Atlantic Canada)!

If to redo the 30 for 30 again, I'd likely add more items that are versatile and easily incorporated into a layers. I have to say I learned a quite a bit from this process:
  • Layers aren't just a strategy for warmth; they give a simple outfit new dimensons.
  • That you can wear an item outside of the conventional way (i.e. tucking a cardigan into a skirt, belting a scarf).
  • The major key to styling an outfit, at least in the finishing touches is the accessories: jewelry, scarves, belts.

I'm really glad Kendi encouraged other bloggers to join her in the 30 for 30. It was a great learning experience, but I'll admit I'm happy to be able to use my entire closet now and shop freely again! :)


barb c said...

haha "shop freely" again... you mean without feeling bad?

Just teasing. See you tonight at the Black Dog Boutique!

Jessica Weingarten said...

You did an amazing job of encorporating all the pieces into 30 great outfits!

I definitely agree that the challenge would teach you a lot about the versatility of your clothes and open your mind towards new outfit ideas! I don't know if I could do it though, hahaha. I change my outfit at least twice a day :p


minkandcappuccino said...

amazing pieces!

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