Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hats off to charlie!

Today a FB friend pointed me in the direction of a unique millinery located in Prince Edward Island, by the name of Love Charlie. She told me that she had thought of me when she thought of this line, so she decided to pass the website on to me! This brand, in my opinion, has a stylish and feminine flair that I`m loving.

The millinery prides itself in offering a wide range of styles including cocktail hats, fedoras, pillbox hats, cloches, vertsatile fascinators and brooches, unique head bands and custom pieces. Love Charlie`s favourite materials are as follows: new and vintage millinery trims, vintage, repurposed and imported fashion fabrics, feather, flowers, veiling, and one of a kind embellishments.``

You can browse and order their head pieces through their personalized website or through their Etsy Shop.

Below I`ve featured my favourite picks from their collections:



  1. Lyla one of a kind cocktail hat, wedding fascintaor ($99 USD)

  2. TC Peacock fascinator brooch ($42.00)

  3. Patricia Lovely grape cocktail hat ($65 USD)

  4. Ophelia mini wool top hat ($155 USD)

  5. Clareese cocktail hat ($140 USD)
My absolute favourite from Love Charlie is this hair piece that I would love love love to wear for my wedding next June!

You can see why she thought this company might peak my interest....

Feathered head piece: from the pretty shop Splurge in Park Lane Mall, Halifax

The artistic flair of a head piece is right up the alley of one of my favourite style icons.

Sarah Jessica Parker
@ the opening of the 1st SATC movie
(2 months to the sequel!)

"Fashion is a kind of communication. It's a language without words. A great hat speaks for itself."

Monday, March 29, 2010

blast from the past

So, this technically isn't my first venture as a blogger....I started a live journal account 4 years ago to chronicle the advenures and happenings my friends and I got into throughout our last semester of undergrad @ UNB and the summer to follow. I almost always had my camera on me. I would then sit down at my desk on Shore Street to post photos from the weekend or a party and tell the story of how the events unfolded picture by picture!

My photos for this blog are all uploaded from photobucket. The other day when I tried to sign up with the site to store photos for maritime shopaholic I was reminded that I had a pre-existing account. Then comes the walk down memory lane when I rediscovered the forgotten live journal I used until October 2006...when a well known thing we call Facebook became all the rage. The blog contained over 1000 photos of what me and my friends were up to over the 9 months I posted. The early posts were from UNB, transition to summer, and then the later entries lead into my first term at Dal. My friends and I used to browse through the blog to relive and recount previous events before the reign of FB.

My life as I knew it back in '06...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

weekend in review

Despite the frigid temptatures, at least there plenty of sunshine! :)  Friday evening was an uptown gathering at Saba & Melissa's lovely apartment. A visit to the liquor store, and a cab ride later, we (Shauna, Alex, Ben & I) climbed up the steps for an evening of socializing- followed by a trip (though we weren't as strong in numbers by then) to one of our local watering holes...

The next morning I rolled out of bed and met Katie at the newly opened Magnolia Cafe on Prince William. Beautiful interior and friendly staff- can't wait to visit the adjoining Bourbon Quarter restaurant which was slated to open last evening. So we sipped on cappucinos (and I have to say their cheesecake brownies are tasty!), chatting about the week's happenings. We also decided the need to organize a girl night out- in the form of bar hopping uptown.

Katie & I then headed over to browse the shops of Brunswick Square & the SJ market: Spurs, Pseudio, J&R, Colwells, and wandered the racks of  Je Suis Prest and tried on lots of beautiful garments! We finished our outting to Beckwith N' Co to check out the Anne Marie Chagnon pieces. (Katie now has her eye on a birthday necklace.)

 Saturday's finds:

Dept shirt with bold pattern of green and blue circles and a trim a bit on a wild side ;)

Dogeared necklace with a cute little stiletto!
i am in love with this.

Both items above I purchased from Je Suis Prest Boutique.

With the loss of opportunity for an evening of great martinis at Sebastian (the martini bar and restaurant closed earlier this month), Katie and I realized the importance and need to focus on supporting local businesses and venues.

In order for our favourite places (shops, restaurants, bars, etc.) to be there for us, we need to be there for them!

Chocolate monkey & espresso martinis from the late Sebastian.