Thursday, September 30, 2010

fur fancy...

Tonight I went to Brunswick Square's fall fashion show, which was to raise funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters in Saint John. Combine fall clothing from participating retailers, dessert, and some Starbucks coffee and you have a smashing event! Tonight was an opportunity to wear my Jack faux fur vest from Je Suis Prest Boutique for the first time.

And that's the fog that the flash picked up...
so the rest of the photos were shot inside.

The Outfit
  • Faux fur vest- Jack- Je Suis Prest Boutique (SJ, Sept '10)
  • Grey sweater- H&M (Toronto, Sept '10)
  • Black leggings- TNA- Aritzia (Toronto, Dec '08)
  • Black leather purse- Coach (Toronto, Sept '10)
  • Black belt- Winners (Toronto, Sept '08)
  • Black booties- Aldo (Toronto, Sept '10)

The Coach purse, H&M grey sweater, and Aldo booties are all purchases from my weekend in Toronto (and some of the things they were in the bags you saw from my post yesterday)!

The Coach purse is the Kristin hobo bag- I had chosen this bag because it can be carried in the hand, over the shoulder, or cross body. I went with black because, believe it or not, I do not own a single black purse and, for obvious reasons, it was the practical choice. I would have to say the Kristin Collection is my favourite line from Coach because of their solid colours and sleek, soft leather exteriors.

I picked up a few other simple basics from H&M to accompany the grey sweater- all 4 items came to (taxes in) $87 and some odd cents. That's the allure of H&M for me: the ability to shop in bulk and not break the bank! Their clothing is low cost but (most of it) doesn't appear cheap. Normally I'd spend the extra money for a t-shirt that is high quality, but why do it when you don't have to?

Grey sweater: $17.95
Black long sleeved tee: $14.95
Nude v-neck tee: $9.95

Straight leg beige pants: $34.95

The Aldo booties were a later purchase in the weekend. I had to demonstrate some sense of responsiblity and be certain I had not drained my account before I committed to these cute, but comfy wedge ankle boots. I initially thought I wanted a pair of ankle boots with a lower cut front and narrow medium heel, but after trying these babies on, I was sold. They were more comfortable and therefore they'd likely generate a beneficial cost per wear and I'd get more bang for my buck that way!

 Tomorrow: look for my next post that will feature my edited photos from tonight's fashion show!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

fall transitions...

I don't know about you, but once the fall breeze started to blow, I stood in front of my closet and felt bored of what I saw. From the earlier pre-fall days I was flipping through my typical stack of fashion magazines, making my wish list and checking it twice! However, I'm a gal on a budget (until B wins the millions). Mixing some of my summer neutrals with sweaters and tights have allowed me to wear them into the fall. I've been slowly adding new items to my wardrobe to spice up outfits I already have and make them current.

This weekend I was in Toronto with two of my most favourite ladies- one of which is moving to London (England) within a month! I tend to go a little shop crazy on my trips to the big city, but I managed to control myself this time, I even managed to put a few items back on the shelves. But that doesn't mean I didn't bring home some amazing finds! These photos are from our shopping on Bloor West on Saturday afternoon (in tomorrow's posts I'll show you what's actually in those bags).

The Outfit:
I have to admit, I paid almost $20 for those tights. American Apparel, although I do like their retro, funky pieces, can be pricey. Barb of blogblogblog let me know that at We Love Colours you can score a larger variety for less. I've been eyeing their knee highs to transition some of my dresses and skirts into fall.

khaki vert's substitution...

For the last few weeks, I've been on the hunt to nail down a bottle of Chanel's coveted Khaki Vert. Discovering a way to attain the shade seems to produce multiple road blocks, first prerequisite is being American if you want to order it from

It seems Chanel has been the first to produce this olive green colour with intially no other similar shades available in other popular brands (at least from what I could find). Hitting up a few make-up stores in Toronto this weekend, Sephora being one of them, I found a Sephora by OPI shade that was close, but not quite right. No one could tell me there was replacement for Khaki Vert.

That is, until I was flipping through October's issue of LouLou magazine and saw an Essie ad. I saw that make-up artist Lindsay also commented on my last post about sew-psyched around the same time. I stopped by the Shoppers in Lansdowne today and found the new shade from Essie's fall collection.

(The flash on my camera alters the actual appearance of shade a bit.)

It's a great bonus that at half the cost, I found what I've been looking for, surprised that more nail brands haven't launched a similar polish given that military green has been a big colour for fall. I guess that it was  Chanel who officially commenced a trend that I'm predicting other lines will pick up and follow.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

inimitable eyes...

Thursday evening I scooted uptown to Perfumes Plus to play make-up with Laura and Barb to test out Chanel's new Inimitable Intense products. I served as Laura's model- it's not every day I have a professional do my make-up!

Laura experimented with the khaki-clair duo shadows on my lids (as I've circled below):

Laura's colour choice coordinated nicely with my outfit: I was wearing an olive military shirt and tan skinny cords.

Barb applying a bit of concealer

Laura applied the Inimitable Intense mascara in "rouge noir" to my lashes. This plum shade matched Laura's cute Joe Fresh hosiery and flats:

Laura helps Barb out with blending foundation

Finished product:

My eye lashes have never looked so bold and long! I love this mascara- you'll see I added it to my Most Wanted list in the right side bar.

As always, Laura takes good care of us with some fabulous Chanel samples!

One Chanel product Barb and I have a shared love of would be the Khaki Vert nail polish- amazing! Barb is determined to score us bottles- and I appreciate all the red tape she has been trying to get around as the product is only sold online right now and won't ship to Canada, sadly. While shopping in Toronto this weekend, I'm going to see if I can find an imitation shade...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

hello fall!

So today signals the first day of least the weather is still favourable (I don't have to grab more than a cardigan on my way out the door yet). I do have my eye on a Jack faux leather jacket at Je Suis Prest when the cooler air invades.

This past weekend B and I headed to Halifax to celebrate our friend Shannon's last days in Canada before she flies off to New Zealand to work and explore for a year! Although I'm excited for her and to read the blog she plans to create to keep us updated, she will be missed! We did some of our typical Halifax activities with our favourite people- brunch at Cora's, shopping on Spring Garden, cocktails and dancing!

Saturday morning the sun was bright but the breeze was cool. I grabbed separates that would be appropriate and comfortable for the weather:

The Outfit:
  • White blouse- H&M (Moncton, August '10)
  • Skinny jeans- Nissi- Pseudio (SJ, April '10)
  • Brown flats- Aldo (Ordered online- Spring '09)
  • Purse- Guess- Walsh Lugguage (SJ, Feb '09)
  • Necklace- gift from Kristen (Toronto, Dec '09)
  • Brown belt- borrowed from Jenny's closet
  • Wooden bangles- borrowed from Jenny's dresser

I want to remind you that tomorrow is the eye makeup workshop at Perfumes Plus that I am very pumped for! Be sure to look for a post to cover any fabulous techniques or products I learn about from makeup artist Laura!

Have you bought your tickets yet to Brunswick Square's Fall Fashion Preview next Wednesday (September 29)?

This weekend I'm very excited to head to Toronto with my friend Sarah to visit Kristen for her last weekend in the big city! She moves across the pond to London the following weekend!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

style of destruction...

Prior to this summer, I had never bought an article of clothing that already came with holes or tears in it. And usually, when I had a piece that developed a hole, it was time to say fair well to that shirt or pair of pants. I've seen plenty of destroyed denim in my day but never tried on a pair until my IT! boyfriend jeans. I fell in love with them for their cool, casual, and comfy appeal.

But then I did something I never thought you'd ever find me of all people doing. I tried on a black tee that already looked like a cat had brutalized it. And I loved it. I've always try to be so well put together and matchy-matchy but one thing that the world fashion has taught me, is that you don't always have to follow rules so rigidly: try new things, be creative, try something a little out of your own norm.

When I first saw the Alternative Apparel shredded v-neck tee in Je Suis Prest earlier this summer, I really didn't think it was for me. Then, sometime later, I spotted Urban Revision's artsy form of the stredded tee on Breakfast at Sak's blog, and it gave me a new perspective. It's edgy: it makes me feel a little rocker-estque.

The Outfit:

  • Black destroyed tee- Alternative Apparel- Je Suis Prest Boutique (SJ, Aug '10)

  • Skinny jeans- Nissi- Pseudio (SJ, April '10)

  • Hooded cardigan- American Eagle (SJ, Sept '09)

  • Necklace- H&M (Toronto, Dec '08)

  • Sandals- Clarks- Winners (April '10)

That night we were heading out to the boonies to a party at my friend Shauna's (complete with fireworks!) 

What are your thoughts, would you buy a pre-destroyed item of clothing? Or is it just not for you?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the best colour in the world is...

...the one that looks good on you! That's (more of less) a paraphrased variety of a Coco Chanel quote. It's smart, it's true- because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and nothing is more important than feeling beautiful in your own skin. Therefore, the make-up we choose to pretty ourselves really should compliment us.

Back in early May, I attended and blogged on a make-up play date at Perfumes Plus with a few other ladies (including fellow blogger Barb), hosted by make-up artist Laura. I'm really excited for another chance to play with Chanel cosmetics....and on September 23rd, Perfumes Plus will be hosting another make-up workshop, this time focusing specifically on the eyes and some of the latest Chanel products.

The Inimitable Intense Eyes Collection features Chanel's following additions:

I'm also excited for this because I've been asked to be the model for the workshop that evening- what's better than having a make-up artist demonstrate new trends and new Chanel product on your own face? For once I have an excuse to go somewhere without applying make-up beforehand!

Anyways, it's going to be a lot of fun! Because not only are there make-up tips and applications demonstrated, but you also get to out the products and techniques on yourself while you are there! If you're interested on getting in on this event, give Perfumes Plus a call at (506) 633-0074 to see if there are any spots still available!

On a related note, I am adoring Chanel's new Khaki collection of nail polishes. The colours are right on trend for fall and I am in love with the Khaki Vert shade.

The downside: these nail polishes are only being sold state-side. My mission: to find another quality polish in the same shade. Now, here's my question: have any of you seen, purchased, or currently own a nail polish matching the colour of Chanel'sKhaki Vert?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

fall into the gap...

Have you been eyeing anything at the Gap? (Especially since they started shipping to Canada?)

 How would you like to save 40% off regular priced items? I received a coupon for Gap's fall pre-sale through email that I won't be able to use and I'd hate to see it go to waste! First person to email me at can have this one-use coupon to apply towards an online or in-store purchase today or tomorrow only (September 14 or 15).

How can you resist?