Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the best colour in the world is...

...the one that looks good on you! That's (more of less) a paraphrased variety of a Coco Chanel quote. It's smart, it's true- because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and nothing is more important than feeling beautiful in your own skin. Therefore, the make-up we choose to pretty ourselves really should compliment us.

Back in early May, I attended and blogged on a make-up play date at Perfumes Plus with a few other ladies (including fellow blogger Barb), hosted by make-up artist Laura. I'm really excited for another chance to play with Chanel cosmetics....and on September 23rd, Perfumes Plus will be hosting another make-up workshop, this time focusing specifically on the eyes and some of the latest Chanel products.

The Inimitable Intense Eyes Collection features Chanel's following additions:

I'm also excited for this because I've been asked to be the model for the workshop that evening- what's better than having a make-up artist demonstrate new trends and new Chanel product on your own face? For once I have an excuse to go somewhere without applying make-up beforehand!

Anyways, it's going to be a lot of fun! Because not only are there make-up tips and applications demonstrated, but you also get to out the products and techniques on yourself while you are there! If you're interested on getting in on this event, give Perfumes Plus a call at (506) 633-0074 to see if there are any spots still available!

On a related note, I am adoring Chanel's new Khaki collection of nail polishes. The colours are right on trend for fall and I am in love with the Khaki Vert shade.

The downside: these nail polishes are only being sold state-side. My mission: to find another quality polish in the same shade. Now, here's my question: have any of you seen, purchased, or currently own a nail polish matching the colour of Chanel'sKhaki Vert?


Perfumes Plus said...

Looking forward to the workshop!

Let me know if you find a stand in colour for Chanel's Khaki Vert. It's my fav of the three too!

Perfumes Plus said...

ps, Great post! I put it up on our blog, linking back to you!

Frickys said...

This was exactly my choice of color... want it so bad

Miranda said...

I want it too, I looked at CVS the other day and there was nothing similar there

lindsay thorne said...

shoppers drug mart carries Essie nail polish and there is one limited edition colour called sew psyched! it looks like a perfect match to the Khaki Vert if you haven't already found one.