Monday, October 31, 2011


If you remember, about 7 months ago, a group of creatives in Saint John came together in the stunning White Room for a fashion photo shoot titled Saint John Cut. A second round was organized by Barb Crawford, who brought everyone back (plus a few additions) for another fashion shoot and creative collaboration between photographers, make-up artists, stylist and wardrobe personnel, models, bloggers- and a hair stylist and designer this time around!

I spent the day styling outfits, carting and setting up wardrobe (as well as ensuring the clothing didn't get dirty on-set)! I also took the opportunity to play with my DSLR and shoot some behind-the-scenes photos.

Make up kits of Carrie McGrath (Personna Bella) & Alicia Scoville (Essential Esthetics)

Adam Donnelly (Hairacy's) styling the hair of Catherine Delaney (left) and Melissa Wright (right).

Carrie McGrath applying Fran Menton's make-up at Je Suis Prest Bouique

Photo shoot location: 4th floor construction site on Prince William Street

Photographers set up their equipment amongst the construction

Sean McGrath snapping photos of Graeme Stewart-Robertson in a head-to-toe Joe Fresh Style look.

Kelly Lawson taking an overhead shot of Janna Boucher in Je Suis Prest

Alicia Robichaud taking photos of Courtney Silas, also in an outfit from Je Suis Prest

(Left): Samuel Lewis (in his own clothing) and Maryanne Delaney (in Je Suis Prest)
(Right): Sisters Maryanne and Catherine wearing dresses by designer Danielle Queen

(Left): Danielle Queen, designer | (Right): The wardrobe hanging from my garment rack

(Left): Sam (in his own clothing) and Fran (wearing Je Suis Prest) | (Right): Fran Menton

Sean McGrath photographs Melissa Wright (looking beautiful 8 months along), Fran Menton, and Janna Boucher.

Catherine Delaney in Je Suis Prest

Kelly Lawson shooting photos with Beth McRae, Graeme Stewart-Robertson, & Danielle Queen

Maryanne Delaney posing in Je Suis Prest (left) and in Danielle Queen (right)

Courtney Silas (wearing an old prom dress)

(Left): Janna Boucher in Je Suis Prest (and her own shoes). | (Right): Wheelbarrow on site

Me & Barb Crawford (head organizer behind the event)

(Left): Group photo | (Right): Courtney Silas, Kiera Fraser, & Adam Donnelly having a laugh

Everyone gathering together for a group shot (to come)

Cast & Credits:

It was a great time spending the day with such an enthusiastic and talented crew. Major thanks to Barb for pulling Saint John Cut 2, Morgan Lanigan for scouting the site, and Keith Brideau for providing us with a fascinating space to go to work!

Tomorrow I'll be posting all my photos from Saint John Cut 2 on my blog's Facebook page.

For everyone's posts and photos from the event, click here.

Friday, October 28, 2011

last call for knee socks!

I feel a little like I below on a mountain top with braids or yodelling in this outfit, but sometimes it's a little fun when your outfit takes on a bit of character (without looking like a costume). I think this is officially the last time you'll see these shorts before spring. I've tucked a few more things away in my seasonal bin downstairs and it's almost time to lug up the heavier coats and boots! After all, I'm pretty sure I spotted frost on my car's wind shield this morning (from the warmth of my living room of course- one benefit of having your office at home).

Click the links below to see where you can the find these items online.

The Outfit  Vest: H&M | Blouse: H&M (similiar) | Shorts: Old Navy  
Socks: American Apparel (similar) | Bracelet: ESquared- Silver Daisy Designs
Necklace: Aldo Accessories | Booties: Michael Kors- The Urban Shoe Myth

Yesterday, one of the local radio stations was talking about taking bets on when we'll have the first snowfall (of at least 1cm- gross.) Last year it was right after Halloween. Starting to think about snow has meet thinking of ideas of how to capture interesting outfit photos without resorting to my living room wall as the back drop. 

Any good suggestions for interesting locations sheltered or indoors once the dreaded winter hits?
I'd love to hear your suggestions for keeping it interesting down below in the comments! Also, just feel free to say hi. :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Indian Summer...

A couple of weeks ago the heat spiked and we went from autumn back to summer weather. With my summer wardrobe already packed away, I was left with limited choices. I was also probably one of the few people in the city who wasn't particularly appreciating this border-line heat wave. You couldn't even enjoy a walk around the Irving Nature Park without practically dehydrating yourself. After all, I was geared up with new fall items I'd rather wear! And this sheer striped blouse would be one of my favourites.

Click the links below to see where you can the find some of these items online.

The Outfit  Shirt: Mink Pink- Je Suis Prest Boutique | Shorts: Old Navy | Sandals- Sam Edelman
Purse: Fossil- Manchester Shoe Salon | Bracelet: ESquared- Silver Daisy Designs
Scarf (as headband): Coach

The next big walk I plan to take is uptown this Friday for the Gallery Hop! However, walking from gallery to gallery might require a few more layers now that the temperatures are starting to drop below 10 degrees (Celsius). 

Will I be seeing you Friday for the last gallery hop of 2011?
Please comment below if you will be out and about Friday night for the Gallery Hop in Saint John. If you aren't from Saint John, any comments are welcome and appreciated, so please do feel free to drop a note just to say hi! I'd love to hear from you.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

smoking slippers...

This week I'm craving....the "smoking slipper".

Essential a delicate loafer-style flat with a pseudo-tongue, this shoe has caught my eye recently in magazines and fashion blogs. They come in a variety of colours and materials. I love an opportunity to wear heels, but day-to-day, for me, it really isn't practical. In my outfit posts I only share outfits that are functional: that I've worn outside the house. And often that requires this gal to wear a flat or a shoe that I can easily move around in or drive my standard! Below are some prime examples of how flats can be both beautiful and functional!

You can click on the links below to find out cost and where to purchase:
(Left to Right; Top to Bottom)

I think I'm torn between the Sam Edelman studded ones and the Steve Madden leopards! Right now new shoes aren't quite in the budget, so I'm putting these on my wishlist for now!

Do tell: are you a fan of the smoking slipper? Which is your favourite?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

media party...

I have a very happy story to tell about this outfit (well, at least about the top and skirt). It's fairly infrequent that I shop at Old Navy but I happened to go in the store last month looking for some tank tops just to lounge around in at home. Here, I came across a tie-neck blouse (that I had been forever searching for) and with medi skirts in season as well as a "buy-1-get-the-2nd-75% off" deal in swing- I left with a few extras.

Unfortunately I didn't have much success in finding the items I originally went in looking for. (Isn't that always the case?) Remembering that Old Navy has a website with free shipping, I not only found what I was looking for but also the blouse and skirt on sale for even less than what I had bought them for in-store! Needless to say, I quickly returned my purchases to the store and made a quick bee-line for the online check-out.

The Outfit  Blouse: Old Navy | Skirt: Old Navy | Belt: Eddie Bauer
Tights: Hue- Je Suis Prest Boutique |Earrings: Aldo Accessories | Bracelets: Aldo Accessories
 Trench: BB Dakota- Je Suis Prest Boutique | Booties: Michael Kors- The Urban Shoe Myth

A couple of weeks ago, myself and a few bloggers attended what was supposed to be the media party for New Brunswick Fashion Week. As nice as it was to be included as media and receive a pass for free access to the event, the date and location of this media party was not released much in advance. Really it was just a stop in to get your tag and a few details (there was no bar as indicated). The final schedule for Friday (2 days away) was not finalized at this time so we weren't entirely sure what to expect until I saw the email with the schedule pop up on my Blackberry at 10pm Thursday night. It didn't leave much time to share this with the public. But, as it turned out, the organizers did not follow this schedule anyways.

Apparently New Brunswick Fashion Week for Spring 2012 is slotted for February 25 to March 2 and so far, it appears it will be primarly based out of Moncton (with the main gala to occur at the casino). Here's to wishing for a successful future for NBFW.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sex & the City...

I wore this outfit to Silver Daisy's Sex & the City themed fashion show fundraiser a little over a week ago. My originally planned outfit didn't work out as planned, so I threw this ensemble together in record time. I remember the time when it was a faux pas to mix black and brown, black and blue and especially black and navy. Truly a thing of the past-  there seems to be an almost "anything goes" in fashion- what matters is how you style it and having it come together tastefully!

The Outfit  Dress: Valerie Dumaine- Black Dog Boutique (SJ, July '11) | Belt: Old Navy (SJ, Aug '11)
Tights: gifted from Barb | Shoes (similar): Guess- Manchester Shoe Salon (SJ, Oct '11)
Clutch: Kate Spade (ordered online, July '11) | Bangles: Aldo (Moncton, Aug '11)

Check out my photos from the event here:

Thanks to Kate for snapping my photos!

Friday, October 21, 2011

what's in my fridge...

 So earlier this week I had the first opportunity to wear my new Born boots I purchased after winning The Urban Shoe Myth gift certificate in a silent auction at the Silver Daisy soiree and fashion show last Friday! I ended up saving $30 on my boots (that were already on lay away)! In the end, all the money went to a great cause (Hospice of Greater Saint John).

Earlier this week I got an email from one of HERE magazine's writers to be featured in their "What's for Supper" column. I wanted to be doubly sure they knew I was no culinary master and that I write about putting outfits together (not grand meals)- afterall, my biggest dietary staple is probably actually caffeine.

Laura at Perfumes Plus was kind enough to grab a copy of this issue for me. And while this is the truth about what's in my fridge- don't be fooled- I wish I ate as healthy as this sounds, but I do have a rule that no junk food is allowed to be on the grocery list or come home with me so that certainly helps! 

The Outfit  Dress: Pink Martini- Je Suis Prest (SJ, Sept '11) | Tights: c/o We Love Colors (Feb '11)
Vest: H&M (Moncton, Aug '11) | Belt: Old Navy (SJ, Aug '11) | Earrings: Joe Fresh (SJ, Oct '11) | Bangles: Aldo (Moncton, Aug '11) | Boots: Born- Urban Shoe Myth (SJ, Oct '11)

Happy Friday all! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!