Tuesday, October 11, 2011

blogger videoshoot...

Have you picked up your tickets for the Sex and the City Soiree this Friday?

Silver Daisy Designs is hosting their 1st annual fashion show in memory of Dr. Anthony Lordon. With all proceeds being donated to Hospice, this event will take place at the Lily Lake Pavillion on October 14, 2011. On display will be Silver Daisy's fall merchandise as well as videos featuring local bloggers (yours truly included) dressed in their outfit of choice from the store and talking about their favourite fall trends.

Last weekend, myself and 6 bloggers got together with Kate Lordon from Silver Daisy, Beaver Smith from bigdayfoto, and Greg Knudson for a special video project.

(Left to Right): Me, Barb Crawford (Barbbarbbarb), Julia Hurst (Fortunate Fool),
Kristin MacDonald (Doll Parade), Candice MacLean (Brilliant Sugar),
Kate McLean (O My Heart), Melissa Wright (Sigh..Gush..Gasp)

We gathered together at Silver Daisy last Sunday and after after styling outfits with clothing and accessories from the store, we headed outside umbrellas in hand travelling on foot around the Uptown area, cameras and smart phones in tow.

Inside Silver Daisy Designs

Getting ready...
(Left): The girls gathered around one of the accessories tables | (Right): Julia paints her nails.

(Left) Kate adds a scarf to her outfit and adjusts her skirt | (Center): Kate helps Kristin with a bracelet | (Right): Julia and Candice in the mirror

The shoes...
(Left): Julia, Kate, Kristin, Candice | (Right): Julia, Kate, Candice

Bloggers love their phones...
(Left): Candice & Kate | (Right): Barb

We're never without our cameras...
(Left): Me | (Right) Kate

(Left): Kate & Kristin photograph Candice's outfit | (Right): Candice snaps a photo of Julia with her iphone with Melissa & Barb looking on

(Left): Melissa & Kate snaps photos (Right): while Julia's poses in her Silver Daisy picks.

The video shoot...
(Left): Kristin on camera in front of city hall | (Right): Julia talks about her favourite trends for fall across from Market Square.

(Left): The rainy overcast skies uptown that day | (Right): Rain isn't going to slow us down: the girls under the cover of umbrellas

(Left): Melissa shooting her video on Canterbury Street | (Right): One of the spots we take cover under.
Candice shoots her video and then reviews it with Greg Knudson.

Kate's is the final video for the day, shot beside the City Market. 

So if you haven't purchased your ticket for the fashion show yet, be sure to stop by Silver Daisy (80 King Street) this week and join us Friday- it'll be a great way to kick-off the weekend! Tickets are $25 each and all proceeds are going to a worthy cause! Not only will there be a runway show, but items will also be up for auction. Looking forward to it!

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