Monday, October 31, 2011


If you remember, about 7 months ago, a group of creatives in Saint John came together in the stunning White Room for a fashion photo shoot titled Saint John Cut. A second round was organized by Barb Crawford, who brought everyone back (plus a few additions) for another fashion shoot and creative collaboration between photographers, make-up artists, stylist and wardrobe personnel, models, bloggers- and a hair stylist and designer this time around!

I spent the day styling outfits, carting and setting up wardrobe (as well as ensuring the clothing didn't get dirty on-set)! I also took the opportunity to play with my DSLR and shoot some behind-the-scenes photos.

Make up kits of Carrie McGrath (Personna Bella) & Alicia Scoville (Essential Esthetics)

Adam Donnelly (Hairacy's) styling the hair of Catherine Delaney (left) and Melissa Wright (right).

Carrie McGrath applying Fran Menton's make-up at Je Suis Prest Bouique

Photo shoot location: 4th floor construction site on Prince William Street

Photographers set up their equipment amongst the construction

Sean McGrath snapping photos of Graeme Stewart-Robertson in a head-to-toe Joe Fresh Style look.

Kelly Lawson taking an overhead shot of Janna Boucher in Je Suis Prest

Alicia Robichaud taking photos of Courtney Silas, also in an outfit from Je Suis Prest

(Left): Samuel Lewis (in his own clothing) and Maryanne Delaney (in Je Suis Prest)
(Right): Sisters Maryanne and Catherine wearing dresses by designer Danielle Queen

(Left): Danielle Queen, designer | (Right): The wardrobe hanging from my garment rack

(Left): Sam (in his own clothing) and Fran (wearing Je Suis Prest) | (Right): Fran Menton

Sean McGrath photographs Melissa Wright (looking beautiful 8 months along), Fran Menton, and Janna Boucher.

Catherine Delaney in Je Suis Prest

Kelly Lawson shooting photos with Beth McRae, Graeme Stewart-Robertson, & Danielle Queen

Maryanne Delaney posing in Je Suis Prest (left) and in Danielle Queen (right)

Courtney Silas (wearing an old prom dress)

(Left): Janna Boucher in Je Suis Prest (and her own shoes). | (Right): Wheelbarrow on site

Me & Barb Crawford (head organizer behind the event)

(Left): Group photo | (Right): Courtney Silas, Kiera Fraser, & Adam Donnelly having a laugh

Everyone gathering together for a group shot (to come)

Cast & Credits:

It was a great time spending the day with such an enthusiastic and talented crew. Major thanks to Barb for pulling Saint John Cut 2, Morgan Lanigan for scouting the site, and Keith Brideau for providing us with a fascinating space to go to work!

Tomorrow I'll be posting all my photos from Saint John Cut 2 on my blog's Facebook page.

For everyone's posts and photos from the event, click here.

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