Friday, January 7, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell Fixation

Lately, I've fallen for platform shoes, and it's icing on top if they're a wedge. The great thing about shoes having a platform and/or wedge is that you can get height, and that more elegant muscle tone without necessarily sacrificing your comfort, or stability for that matter! You're talking to a girl as clumsy as they come!

What I love about wedges is that they provide more support to the foot, and while I've accepted I'll never be one of those girls who can sport a pair of stilettos for a full day (unfortunately), a wedge provides a good amount of support in comparison. (I was able to wear a pair of wedge booties for a full day of shopping in Freeport and Portland.) Platforms, as long as you have decent balance, is another way to get additional height without needing to increase the angle of the shoe (and the height between your heel and the ball of your foot). I see platforms and wedges being two features that will be big for 2011.

Lately my love is geared specifically towards Jeffrey Campbell's shoes: they're stylish with an edge. I've also seen a number of fellow style bloggers sporting them here, here, and here. Well he does have some fairly wild designs and patterns, below are some of the more versatile pairs I'm loving:
{above pics 1-5 from LuLu; pic 6 from Nasty Gal}

  1. Jeffrey Campbell Litas: LuLus, $158; Revolve Clothing, $159; Lori's Shoes, $154
  2. Jeffrey Campbell Ric brown Leather Platform Sandals: LuLus, $213; Shopbop, $155
  3. Jeffrey Campbell Earnest Khaki Suede Desert Wedge: LuLus, $57 Sold Out :(
  4. Jeffrey Campbell Rooster Tan Leather Wedges: LuLus, $118
  5. Jeffrey Campbell Tan Tick Wedge: LuLus, $154; Karmaloop, $152, Nasty Gal, $148
  6. Jeffrey Campbell Fickle Platform Pump: Nasty Gal, $120

My favourites out of these picks would be brown leather platform sandal (#2) and the tan tick wedge (#5). I love the fickle platform pump (#6) but I'm just not in the market for another nude pump (though I could use one in gray). I'm seriously considering ordering the tan tick wedge once my bank account recovers from holiday spending!

Which is your favourite Jeffrey Campbell shoe?
P.S. Check back Monday to see my current shoe collection! 


barb c said...

Kiera has a pair like #3 at her store! I think they're a size 8... and 50% off!

~Chelsea said...

I totally forgot about that! Thanks for the heads up Barb. Damn, my feet are too big for a size 8 but any lovely ladies who can get their feet into those should stop by Je Suis Prest Boutique to follow up on this lead. (I probably will double check the size when I'm in to visit today!)

Ashley said...

Thank you so much for linking to my blog, I'm honored! :) And I am completely in love with the taupe Lita's you posted, such a gorgeous color!


Omgitstiffduh said...

I love the 2nd pair! Perfect for spring!

Kate said...

I love number two! I hadn't seen those ones before! I find the litas are just too intense! SO high!

Ashley said...

LOVE 3, 5, and 6! SO CUTE!