Saturday, September 11, 2010

my kind of research...

As a biology student in a former stage of my life, believe me, I have spent my full share of flipping through scientific journals in the library, entering keywords into google scholar, and drumming my finger tips on the keyboard while writing many papers into the wee hours. And as much as that work fascinated me, I prefer to spend research hours with this type of journal: we call them fashion magazines...

I love the thick, glossy September issues. Above is photo documentation of my work behind developing ideas for my latest blog feature: Top Trends: Fall Fashion '10 (TTFF). So as you can see by the many notes and my cup of tea, I mean many more ideas to share combining inspirations I've gathered from the fashion texts, blogs, fashion sites, and in stores.

If you haven't already read them, you should check out the TTFF topics I've covered already:

Please, do share your favourite trends for the fall season! And stay tuned for some of mine.

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