Monday, November 22, 2010

multipattern harmony..

So I'll admit, I've sort of bended the rules for the 30 for 30 challenge.  I realized a few flaws in my choices that was making it difficult to maximize my 30 items to their full potential. I've decided to swap out a few items- but only because they have not been worn to technically, I still won't be wearing more than 30 items in 30 days! So I hope this might remedy my offense...

I have a hard time committing to clothing selections in advance- just ask anyone who has seen my packing. Disaster. So the problems I have encountered: I threw in a pair of wedges and a pair of cage heels into my 6 picks for shoes, but as much as I love heals- I don't wear them day to day because they are not practical for my job. (Hence why you are always seeing me in those black flats!) I've traded them both in for 2 pairs of flats:

And the pink dress with black knit overlay: I forgot how short it was and it just has not been a practical choice for day to day wear! It does look super cute with pink pantyhose and a long sleeved black tee under neath, but unfortunately not appropriate for day to day. I swapped it with another dress than is easily paired with leggings:

I have to admit, the 30 for 30 is really making me miss other items from my closet! I no longer take my extended wardrobe for granted, that's for sure! And now, without further delay, I give you my next outfit as part of the 30 for 30:

The Outfit:

Dress- Buttons- Francesca (Portland, Nov '10)
Sweater- Dynamite (gifted from Katie)
Leggings- TNA- Aritzia (Toronto, Sept '08)
Belt- Chinese Laundry- Je Suis Pest Boutique (SJ, Oct '10)
Shoes- Michael Kors- StyleSense (Toronto, Sept '08)
Necklace- Forever21 (Portland, Nov '10)

I have to admit, my black leggings have become a little thinner for wear and I am definitely going to need thicker ones for the weather! I'm looking for a pair with quality thickness in the material as well as a thicker waist band. If you could leave a comment as to where you've gotten your favourite leggings from, I'd really appreciate the suggestions!


Kim said...

I've always enjoyed the Garage leggings. They are on the thick side and have an okay waist. I find them a little low waisted BUT since I'm wearing it with something long, no one knows.

Emma Dilemma said...

Oh I just LOVE this outfit! So super cute!
As I already mentioned, I got my current fav at Old Navy... ** side note for all my fellow plus size girls, Reitmans has good ones & if you are ever in toronto a store called Voluptuous has amazing ones as well!

Linley said...

i've done a few swaps here and there too. i think it's just fine. (especially if you are like me and pretty much just grabbed 30 items without thinking all of them through... oops.)

love this green dress! and i love even more how it contrasts so well with your hair! looks amazing!

Linda W said...

Don't bat an eye at swapping. Everyone is doing it!
I love that dress and then I scrolled down and saw it was from Portland? Portland, OR? It's a great dress!

The Auspicious Life

Bee said...

My favourite leggings are from LaSenza (I believe LaSenza Xpress to be exact), though I also love an old pair of Cotton Ginny ones that I punked from my mom's pile of clothes that no longer fit her.
However, I also have a pair of really thick and warm thermal leggings from MEC. However, they're quilted and technically longjohns, so I'm not sure they could easily be worn with a skirt/dress. I always pair them with a big sweater or wear them underneath jeans or dress pants. However, MEC might have a dressier version of these.

orangeandyellow said...

I like American apparel leggings. Or Aerie by American Eagle.

Shannon said...

Your dress and cardigan are so gorgeous!!! I have the same issue with my leggings....I can recommend that you NOT get them from Kohl's: mine stretch out after every wear so I have to constantly wash them to get them to fit right.

Fabienne Jach said...


I just got a pair of Hue leggings and these suckers mean business. They're winter leggings for sure, thick, warm and well-made. I highly recommend them.

Good luck!

Angeline said...

Love the green dress! So pretty on you.

PILAR said...

i was thinking of doing a similar swap for a few of my 30 items that i haven't worn yet! love that dress. the color is really vibrant!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness! I love this green! Green is my favorite!

DKNY makes my favorite pair of classic black leggings. I've had them over a year and they still look & fit like new! ;)

ClosetConfections said...

I've been tempted to swap twice, but I'm a glutton for punishment. At this point, I've also worn everything at least once, so there's no turning back. I'm a fan of the green dress swap. That was a good choice. As for leggings, my favorites have all been from Romeo & Juliet Couture.