Wednesday, November 10, 2010

rain, rain go away...

I've lost track of how many consecutive days it's been raining now. I overheard a women at body pump class the other night say she saw Noah's Ark on her drive over to the gym. The first couple of days the temperature was at least warmer, but now the showers, interspersed with downpours, are accompanied by a nasty chilling wind. Hence why today's pictures were shot indoors....precipitation is really hindering choice for photo location. (What I am going to do once our typical Maritime winter hits...?)

On the up side of things, The Weather Network promises dry skies and perhaps a glimse of the sun today!

The Outfit

Animal print cardigan: Dynamite (gifted from Katie; Nov '10)
Tank: American Eagle (ordered online, Aug '09)
Dress pants: Ricki's (SJ, Dec '09)
Shoes: Aldo (ordered online, Oct '10)
Heart locket: Splurge (Halifax, May '08)
Headband: Splurge (Halifax, Fall '09)

I promise...tomorrow's post I'll move on from these black flats! On Friday, look for a blog post that will appeal to your sweet tooth! ;)


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This is adorable - I kind of want to put you in my pocket ;)