Sunday, November 28, 2010

remix round-up 7-12...

So this far into the 30 for 30 challenge, I have to say I'm a bit surprised I haven't worn all 30 items quite yet...but I suppose it's only 1 piece that I have yet to incorporate: the grey blazer.

I would say it's accessories that make the remix a little bit interesting: that fact that there are no limitations in this area allows you to bring in small touches to an outfit that give it individuality. For example, outfit #10 incorporated some rather basic pieces: a black long sleeved tee, skinny jeans, and a grey vest. Add some strands of gold bling and suddenly the outfit has been jazzed up! 

I have to admit, I've fallen a little behind in the outfit posting while trying to cover other content of interest, but I assure you, I'm still remixing and wearing items from my 30 and taking the daily photos. To catch up, I'm going to include at least 2 outfits in a post each time I share what I'm wearing from the 30 for 30!

Also, I've been introduced to so many other great style bloggers through this fashion challenge: thanks to Kendi for posting all the participants. I plan to do a feature blog post on some of my new favs I've come across in this challenge! For others not involved in the challenge, if you're on twitter, you can catch everyone's tweeting their outfit posts via the #30x30 hash tag!


chai am woman said...

i kinda relate... i feel like every single post of mine is 30 for 30 related haha! but i also have so many new favorite blogs because of it. :)

Alessandra said...

love 7, 11 and 12!
really different looks, but all very cool and look great on you.

Anonymous said...

Super cute! I love #9 :)

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Linley said...

i love your look #11!! that dress is wonderful and i love how you styled it!

Linda W said...

I think I have already gushed over #11, but I'll chime in again to say that I love that dress.
And yes, it has been great finding new blogs. Yours is wonderful. I love visiting.
The Auspicious Life

Anonymous said...

I love your faux fur vest! Such a cool look!

Great remixes!