Sunday, April 11, 2010

if there was ever a time to go to winners...

...that would be now! Katie, Allie and I were in Winners today after a coffee date at Starbucks and I have to say, the store had one of the best selections of items I've seen there! Dishes, pillows, carpets and mats, furniture, interior and exterior decorations, clothes, shoes, scarves, prints, lamps, scarves....I could go on... It was almost reminiscent of shopping experiences at the Winners location on Bloor St W in Toronto (this location is the absolute best) with Kristen (on a smaller, less intense scale, of course!)

So, let's start with shoes. I have to say, in the Saint John Winners, they tend to have a rather dumpy and poor selection to browse through, especially if your feet are larger than a size 7 (I'm a size 9). Today was looking up! At first I spotted some cute black or red pumps for $29.99. I went around to the other side of the shelf...and well, my reaction might be best described by Allie who was witness to my high-pitch voice squealing in surprise and excitement!

Hello, Sam Edelmans...
(click the picture to view the brand's web page) 
Pretty silver flats!
Can we say that these cuties were half the price they would normally be?!

Other lovely shoes I encountered...

Soft pink open toe Steve Madden pumps!
Also Steve Maddens..

Cute metallic gladiator sandles anyone?

Moving onto cute beach wear:

Martinis and cocktails!

Prefer your martini with a twist?

I didn't fully delve into the clothing section, but here are a few quick peaks of what I did see...

Guess jeans

Calvin Klein summer dresses

How about a close up...
Love the scalloped neckline!

Now onto accessories...

Rainbow of scarves!

Lots of summer hats!
I'm a fan of wide brims!
Katie bought an adorable Jessica Simpson straw hat with brown ribbon for only $12.99!

Hello Cynthia Rowley!
A few posts back, I mentioned my upcoming project of turning a spare room into a dressing room!
My current vision is a feminine room with a colour palette of black and white, accented by purple.
I spotted some items that would eventually be perfect decor:

White chair with floral pattern

Wild zebra print chair

Table (leather top) for fashion magazines and cocktails (or glasses of wine!)

Gorgeous purple lamp

More purple accent lamps!

Movie set inspired lamps!

So, you might ask, what did I end up buying?

The Sam Edelman flats of course!

A rug for the office
(it covers the majority of the floor space and only cost $35!)

"The Little Black Book of Style" by Nina Garcia
(Fashion Director @ Marie Claire and judge on Project Runway)

On this note, stay tuned for a feature post on my current stack of books I have to read and my wish-list of what's to come!


Cham said...

Oh I knew I should have walked through the clothing and shoe sections at Winners yesterday instead of sticking in the Homesense area. I think I may sneak back today for those cute pink open toed Steve Maddens, or the Calvin Klein dress or .....ok....I'm too excited now. Thanks for the Winner's update!!! :o)

barb said...

Wow - Adam and I went yesterday and i was v.disappointed!

~C said...

cham, did you go today? those peep toes would look awesome on you.

hmm..guess it depends on what sections we were browsing? i didn't look into clothing as much as I did the homesense side. and perhaps we are different shoe sizes! i'm sorry your experience wasn't as exciting as mine barb :(

L said...

Oh! The winners on Bloor is one of my Musts when I'm in Toronto.
LOVE those pink Steve Madden peeps and the movie set lamp. Thanks for sharing your great finds! I obviously have to go to Winners soon.