Sunday, April 11, 2010

day to night...

What I Wore this weekend: photo-logging outfits from my closet to the city Saturday and Sunday.
Heading out for a coffee date at Starbucks with Allie, Erica, Jaclyn & Katie- followed by shopping at Winners (see last post for photo documentation of our shopping trip!) and Indigo with Allie & Katie.


  1. Purple (or blue- opinions often differ on the colour!) button up sweater with hood- American Eagle (last year on sale for $19.99!)

  2. Black v-neck t-shirt- American Eagle (last summer)

  3. Grey pin-striped vest- R&W Co. (1 1/2 yrs ago)

  4. Mavi jeans- Pseudio (on sale last fall)

  5. Purple bow headband- Aerie (trip to Bangor Nov '09)

  6. Black flats- Aldo (ordered online a few months ago)

The outfit went from day to night with a slight change and a few pieces pulled from my closet:

Off with Ben to meet Alex & Joe for a double date at Bourbon Quarter uptown.


  1. Black v-neck t-shirt- American Eagle (last summer)

  2. Grey pin-striped vest- R&W Co. (1 1/2 yrs ago)

  3. Black jeggings- Guess- Pseudio (Dec '09)

  4. Onyx stud earrings- Silverstone- Halifax Shopping Center (gift)

  5. Metallic bow headband- Splurge (Halifax fall '09)

  6. Chain link necklace- American Eagle (few months ago)

  7. High heel stirling silver necklace- Dogeared- Je Suis Prest (March '10)

  8. Metallic flats with bows- Sam Edelman- Winners (purchased that day)
A more relaxing outfit for a lazy day
Relaxing at home watching a movie with Ben. Outting to Starbucks and then Home Depot for paint swatches and a trip to Walmart


  1. Rose print Y tank- Lululemon (Halifax 2 yrs ago)

  2. Brown Groove Pant- Lululemon (Halifax Jan '10)

  3. Remix hoodie in lily pad colour- Lululemon (Halifax Jan '10)

  4. Cherry print Keds- Athlete's World (Fredericton 4 yrs ago)

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L said...

I love your 'poses' you always look like you're having so much fun!