Thursday, April 22, 2010

browse about (part 1)...

You know, I even get pleasure in simply browsing. For everything I fawn over in store or post on facebook because I'm in love, there is a smaller percentage of what I actually purchase- though "everything in moderation" can feel a little restricting! Sometimes I'm a little sad to leave items those Coach flats at winners, or the sequined vest at American Eagle, or the bold black and white print skirt from Joe Fresh!

Mid last week I was in American Eagle to see what was new in store. I snapped a few pictures of my favourites:

AE Jeweled T

AE Festival Vest in green chalet
White destroyed skinny jeans

Super dark artist crop jeans

There were previously AE favourite shorts in the store in a multitude of colour, but this time I went back I couldn't seem to find them. I'll try again next time, otherwise I'll likely end up ordering a pair or two online:

FYI... the 20% sale off denim is on until Tuesday, April 27

Later last week, I perused the racks of Joe Fresh merchanise while picking up a few items within the produce section at the SuperStore. Who can resist cute pieces at such a low price? I shot a couple of pictures featuring items I still have my mind on:

Button-up tank

 Black & white print skirt

Coloured flip flops
For only $4!

So these are actually men's polo shirts, but I was impressed by the rainbow display! Your guy looking for any colour polo at a good price??

Cute print separates and one-piece bathings suits! Also come in shades of pink and orange.

By Friday, I was celebrating the arrival of the weekend with a trip to Winners! The other week I was there I hadn't gotten a chance to thoroughly check out the clothing section and I had heard there were coach flats in the shoe section!
Calvin Klein dress rack

That "Little Black Dress"
I was caught taking this picture by Chamila & Brent, who I then bumped into!

Moving onto the shoe section...

Hello Coach beauties!
A little pricey, despite the fact they were at a reduced price.

They`re so pretty, but I couldn`t do it at $119.

But there were other beauties in the isles:

I found the pink peep-toe Steve Maddens were still in stock, but for some reason I could only find 1 shoe in my size...

Another varity of Steve Madden peep toe heels- in black!

Madden Girl sandals in silver...

...and in gold & bronze.

Clarks snake print sandals.
At the deal of $34.99 for a pair of Clarks, I took these babies home with me!

I lastly visited the cosmetics and hair care section:

This is an amazing deal!
A variety of John Frieda shampoo and conditioner sets for only $9.99
(mind you, one of these bottles alone costs that usually)

There was also a stash of ELF (eyes lips face) cosmetics.

I fell in love with these liners...
L.A. Girl thick and thin liquid liner.
I was inspired by the display and drew a little ``art`` on my face the following evening (as I showed in a previous post).
Click here and here.

Check back for Part 2 tomorrow!

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chanel lady said...

I have some of those $4 flip-flops from Superstore...they are actually really comfortable!