Friday, April 9, 2010

out and about: uptown

One important thing about having a new or favourite outfit: is having something to wear it to! I've recently started following the city's online version of this a social calendar: the Uptown Directory. It's actually a useful medium for business and event promotion to get the word out to people in Saint John re: the whats and wheres of what's happening uptown any night of the week. Check out the quick-browse version through the facebook page.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the most direct way we can help maintain those locally run venues and services we enjoy in the uptown area is to get out and support them, incorporating them into our social lives. That's definitely something I've started to take into consideration when making social plans with friends, especially with the closing of my favourite martini bar.

Last week, when checking out the directory, I came across a ballet at the Imperial Theatre that I was interested in and attended Tuesday this week. From the balcony, Katie and I watched the Ballet Jörgen perform the story of Cinderella. It was a really great performance and I would definitely attend another show by this ballet company in the future!

Ballet Jörgen

Another event that I heard of on the radio and followed up for details on the Uptown Directory was It`s A Girl thing scheduled for Sunday, April 18, at the Saint John Arts Center. The event is an annual fundraiser for the Saint John Arts Center and features many exhibits with tips on topics from Botox to fashion to cooking. With a $6 dollar cover charge you can expect music, food (sounds good to me!), information, and free samples (always a plus!) If this sounds of interest to you, then maybe I`ll see you there! (Click below for more details)

Also on my list of things to do: the Spring Fling at Market Square on the evening of Wednesday, May 5. The event description promises glamour and luxury. All I know so far is that the event is a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club and  includes all things sounding good to me: spring fashion, food, entertainment, and then the good loot: giveaways and prizes! Count me in! Tickets are $35. (Click below)
There`s also a new restaurant (Bourbon Quarter) and tapas bar (Alley Gria)- both on Prince William Street- that I still need to check out- maybe that will become a venture of this weekend!

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Allie said...

We went to the Bourbon Quarter last night. The restaurant is beautiful and the food was delicious! They also have the most adorable cafe beside it (same owners and same kitchen, but set up as a separate restaurant).