Monday, June 7, 2010

friday afternoon's mission...

So I just got off the plane from Toronto a couple of hours ago, bringing new fabulous clothes and photo-evidence of what a great time I had! I also have much material for new blog posts this week!

From my last post, you can see that I spent my morning on Friday in Starbucks blogging and keeping up with business on my lap top in downtown Toronto.

That's a replacement carmel machiatto after having spilt the entire
contents of the first all over the floor. Those who know me, will not
find this surprising.

Noontime rolls around, and I scoot up to the 16th floor to catch Kristen for lunch and we meet up with her friend of hers, Nazanin. We headed over to Jack Astor's hoping to grab a patio seat, but being a beautiful and sunny day, others were in a similar mind-set so we opted for the quicker, indoor, option.

On our table:
Have you seen the movie yet?

The girls went back to the office and I embarked on my new mission: covering the Eaton Center before Kristen gets off work! I managed to cover a mall containing over 230 shops, retaurants and services in full in 2 1/2 hours (I spent the first 1/2 hour somehow getting lost on my short voyage there). I walked fast, and with a purpose!

I cruised through H&M first. I loved this very feminine section of neutrals
and soft pinks. I wanted to try items on, but the line for the dressing room
 was looong (we're talking 30+ people...)

Spotted: a cute pair of modest heeled sandals in pink
and brown at Aldo. I decided to wait and see.

I spotted pretty white sundresses in Aerie, but none felt like what I was looking for.

First piece I tried on was in Armani Exchange. I loved the
colour of this citrus orange dress, but decided to hold off to
see if I found anything I would like better.

I loved these Nine West bright coral pumps at Town Shoes.
On sale for $89.99

Major sales encountered in French Connection.
Trying on a coral top with a black skirt.

As always, cute colours and some girly silhouettes at Aritzia

In Little Burgundy I saw the peacock Havaianas (circled above)
that I had been loving for the last couple months.

I met Kristen when she got off work and then we hopped on the subway
and grabbed a seat at Beer Bistro for appetizers and a Fruli (strawberry
beer) with our friend Cynthia! (who I had gone to grad school with at Dal)

Stayed tuned for the next blog post: I'll disclose what I actually bought that afternoon!


Anonymous said...

I have that black French Connection skirt :) I love it!

Perfumes Plus said...

Looks like you definately got some great shopping done.
I love H&M, but have noticed that the fitting room line is always huge :(
Can't wait to see the next post!

Jessica Weingarten said...

Aww, these are totally my stomping grounds!
Great post, glad you enjoyed TO! :)


Breanne at Bella Vita said...

Those Nine West coral pumps are FANTASTIC. I hope, hope, hope you bought those!

And you're really making me crave a caramel macchiato! Sorry you spilled your first one :-(