Wednesday, June 9, 2010

spa day...

Last Saturday morning Kristen and I got up and hit the subway and then street car to meet up with her friend Yen for a spa session at Body Blitz (a women-only spa) on Adelaide Street West in downtown Toronto. It was my first ever actual spa experience! We relaxed and cycled through their therapeutic waters (they even bring healthy beverages in to you!) before going for full-hour massages. I guess I didn't know what I was missing out on before...because it was a really relaxing experience and the perfect way to start a Saturday morning!

The Outfit:
Floral dress- Mango (the day before in the Eaton Center)
Braided belt- Eddie Bauer (Moncton, 4 yrs ago)
Gladiator sandals- Sam Edelman (Montreal, June '09)
Sunglasses- Michael Kors- TJ Maxx (New Hampshire, April '09)
Bag- Guess- Walsh Luggage (Feb '09)

I felt a little silly wearing my sunglasses in the subway at Ossington Station, while we waited for the next train, but I stuck them on my face to do as celebrities do in transit before they've done their make-up for the day (or least that's what I've read, haha). Clearly there's no point in getting dolled up when you're only going to put on your bathing suit (or in the case as some women do, your birthday suit- such is why I mentioned it being a women-only facility...) and jumping into a pool.

Once we were detoxified, replenished, and turned into putty...Kristen and I were off to get our nails done- a manicure for me and a touch up for her. The finished product:

OPI shade Green-wich Village for moi

Kristen's perfect gel nails
(and if you look close enough.. can see the pretty diamond she bought herself?)

We then headed North? (I don't know my city directions unless I have a compass...or I can see the little map of stations on the subway...) to a Second Nature Boutique, a second hand designer shop that was recommended to me by Nadine (manager of our lovely SJ Envy). 

It was a fun experience shifting through designer clothing and shoes that were still expensive, but much more affordable! I first found a pair of Chanel flats that I was really excited about, but to my dismay, although they said they were my size, didn't fit...

(but then they turned out to be posers- I saw the tag said "Chanel look")

But then I picked up a pair of Stuart Weitzman robin's egg blue pumps that fit like Cinderella's glass slipper. There wasn't one scratch on the sole- these babies had never been worn and were only a fraction of the price the would have originally cost!

We left the store, with me swinging a pink bag with my new blue shoes, my great find of the day!


Elle Sees said...

I';ve never been to a spa--sounds amazing though!

Jessica Weingarten said...

I've seen that spa before but I've never gone in! I'll have to check it out!

Great outfit as always, I love your dress! And you are one lucky girl to score those Weitzman pumps!!


~Chelsea said...

Jess, I have no previous experience to compare it to, but I would highly recommend body blitz :)

Thank you on the dress- and the shoes...I thought I was pretty lucky too...those are definitely being worn out and about soon!