Saturday, June 12, 2010

quest for the green shoes...

Last Sunday, Kristen and I headed out to browse shops on Bloor Street West in search of a pair of green shoes I could wear for my wedding (see previous post) and any other beautiful finds that might cross our path.


The Outfit

  1. Green military shirt- Mango (2 days prior in the Eaton Center)

  2. Braided belt- Eddie Bauer (Moncton, 4 yrs ago)

  3. Skinny jeans- Nissi jeans- Pseudio (Spring '10)

  4. Sandals- Clarks- Winners (Spring '10)

  5. Sunglasses- Michael Kors- TJ Maxx (April '09)
So the last picture shows one small problem I encountered last weekend- a cold. I had a hard time speaking and my voice varied from sounding like an elderly woman who's just smoked 2 packs, from a creepy whisper, to a raspy version of my former self. But I wasn't going to let that slow me down- I carried cough syrup and Advil cold & sinus around like they were my best buddies. I'm still suffering from said cold but at least I don't sound nearly as awful!

Our first stop was to H&M. I have to hand it to this store- this is a great place to buy trendy pieces without breaking the bank. Most of the time I splurge on tops and dresses- because they tend to be the pieces that make an outfit for me and finding the perfect fit in a pair of pants might be more of a challenge. I decided that I had already bought enough new clothing to cover my upper half and today was strictly about covering the bottom half! I scored at H&M with 3 pairs of shorts for only $20 each, and 2 cute skirts (one of which was only $15). 

As for the shoe search, this venture wasn't successful this time around but I will keep looking! And I wanted to thank everyone who sent me links to green shoes already- I so appreciate the help! I haven't found anything that quite fits what I'm looking for, but I've got 12 months to go! Please do send any other suggestions my way if you happen to wander across something that might fit the bill!

Here are the lovely shoes we did encounter that afternoon in the shoe section of Holt Renfrew!

Hello Jimmy Choo!

Darling Dior!

Pretty in Prada!

Glam Miu Mius!
(Yes, I am attracted to shiny objects...)

I know we all recognize these shoes!
Carrie's wedding shoes from the 1st Sex and the City movie!
I dream of owning a pair of Manolos...

Aw, Lovely Louboutins!
(from his wedding collection)


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Breanne at Bella Vita said...

Ahhhhhh the Carrie wedding shoes!!! I'd love to try those on. So fab!!

I hope you find your green shoes! I'll definitely keep you in mind if I come across anything.