Monday, May 3, 2010

friendly friday

One thing I do like about shopping uptown in locally owned stores and boutiques as compared to the experience in a chain, mall, or box store is the service. I don't know if it was just the sunshine or the onset of the weekend but when I went shopping Friday afternoon everyone in Brunswick Square and Market Square seemed to be in a great mood and very friendly! I received excellent service and everyone was very customer focused! (Have you felt in the mall or in a bigger store that you have to play eyeball war to catch a salesperson's attention, or search between racks to see if they actually exist?)

I grabbed a tall non-fat no foam carmel machiatto from Starbucks and then headed into Je Suis Prest, where I was greeted by Kiera and Joy, always looking so cute and stylish! I had been reading in Harper's Bazaar online that one of the upcoming summer trends was loose-fitting pants, which I wasn't buying into until I saw Kiera sporting a pair of menswear inspired pants and she was totally pulling off the look! (I now wish I had asked her to take a photo of her outfit..)

I was loving the new Free People clothing (which I may need to make another trip back in to browse through again), but was giving the sale racks a lot of attention on this visit. I found a BB Dakota tan blazer on sale for $27.00 (reduced from $110)! I've been adopting a love of stylish blazers lately- especially well tailored ones that aren't full sleeve, so that you can neatly roll the sleeve above the elbow- I have one in grey, but very tempted to purchase one in white (which is a very in colour for the summer). It's a great way to dress up many outfits. I was told this blazer is a copy of one put out by Dolce & Gabbana.

Here's me sporting the coat the next day:

Back to Friday- I paid a visit to Walsh Luggage. The sales lady was very friendly and talkative- and we share our mutual love for clothing shopping uptown, haha. She also mentioned the Spring Fling event on Wednesday (which I picked up a ticket for today!) and said that it will even feature clothing from Envy (which isn't opening for almost another 2 weeks), so great way to get a sneak peek.

I made a quick stop over in Baubles on my way back through Brunswick Square. The lady there was also very attentive and friendly. She even complimented me on my shoes! (Actually, I think I may have had a few people tell me they liked my shoes :) ) Although they are pretty and perfect for spring, I had to agree with her, they fall into the 2 hour wear category! (And I may have had to switch to black flats when I went grocery shopping after this...)

Yellow & white patent leather pumps- Aldo

I love them and they matched my Coach clutch so perfectly!

Later that evening, I got dressed up in my new American Apparel dress that I bought last weekend, slipped on a pair of nude heels and then Ben and I headed over for a few drinks at Shauna's place, followed by appetizers and bevies at Churchill's and dancing at O'Learys!
Lace print nylon dress in black and blush- American Apparel (Halifax, last weekend)
Beige patent leather heels- Aldo (Halifax, 2 yrs ago)
High heel necklace- Dogeared- Je Suis Prest
Key necklace- Charm Diamond Center (that evening- on sale for only $19, marked down from $39)- which is an immitation of Tiffany & Co.'s keys.

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