Tuesday, May 11, 2010

breton stripes tuesday

Last Wednesday, Jessica Schroeder of What I Wore posted on Twitter:

"I think it would be awesome fun if all my fashion blogging friends wore Breton stripes next Tuesday (as in, post outfits then). Who is IN?! "

I decided it would be fun to participate in such a group event- but then realized I don't currently own anything with Breton stripes!

as featured on Who What Wear
on Wednesday

First order of business was to obtain some navy and white stripes! I found an $8 t-shirt from Joe Fresh Saturday and I already had the site for photos in mind. The next morning I put together the outfit to promote a modern nautical look and headed uptown to shoot the photos near the boardwalk with the harbour in view!

Breton stripe t-shirt- Joe Fresh- Superstore (Saturday)
White pants- R&W Co. (Last month, 30% off sale)
Brown braided belt- Eddie Bauer (Moncton, 4 yrs ago)
Brown head scarf- Coach (Toronto, May '09)
Red pumps- Spring Shoes (Sept '09)
Pearl earrings- American Eagle (Dec '09)
Pearl bracelet- Le Chateau (Dec '09)

I'll follow-up with links to others' outfits participating in Breton Stripe Tuesday! 


chanel lady said...

Super Cute! I love how much effort you put in to your photoshoots. ( I hope you didn't get your white pants dirty.)
ps, did you get a new camera? what kind?

~C said...

thanks! :)
somehow i managed to keep the pants clean (though i have this tendency to spill everything on me...white is dangerous colour for me! haha)
i went out and got a new camera the day after i dropped my other one- I just got another point and shoot for now- an upgrade to my previous- another Panasonic Lumix- great camera unless you drop it too many times...someday I'd like to get fancier equipment and take some photography classes!