Monday, May 31, 2010

new beginnings

This past week has been a very busy one- tying up loose ends at one job to leave and start another one! I'm going to miss my awesome and amazing co-workers but I'm excited for a change in my career! (Tomorrow is my first day!)  At work on Friday, we had cake at break and my co-workers gave me such pretty flowers and a card!

Later that evening, Ben & I had a double date planned with Brent & Chamila at Churchstreet. But to my shock, when we walked upstairs, I ran into a whole table of my friends who I've worked with- including Chamila! Turns out they had planned a surprise good-bye dinner for me! No one has ever planned any surprise event in my honour so I was pretty touched. We all had a great night...I think we were at the restaurant for almost 4 hours! And I was so pumped about the gift they gave was a necklace I had been watching:

Necklace: "Queen for a Day" by Dogeared (from Je Suis Prest Boutique)

And another card...this one sings!

(Thank you so much guys)

Although I'm excited for the next step and a new job, I am going to miss seeing these people every day! But I always believe in staying in touch and keeping up with friendships. I'm not going that far away anyways :)

Here's the outfit I wore to dinner Friday night...the top is actually my first purchase from Envy! There were just so many great pieces there, I had to put a few on hold last weekend, and come back the next day to make the purchase!

The Look:
Brown ostrish print purse- Guess- Walsh Luggage (Spring '09)
Polka dot coat- Kensie Girl- Liquidation World (March '10)
Mint green top- Mustard Seed- Envy (a week ago)
Skinny jeans- Nissi Jeans- Pseudio (April '10)
Teal heels- Nine West- Winners (Dartmouth, 3 yrs ago)
Pearl bracelets- Le Chateau (Dec '09)


chanel lady said...

LOVE your polka dot coat!
What fab friends you have!

Cham said...

You looked super cute for your surprise evening. So glad you enjoyed it. We miss you lots but know we will see you..."on the outside" ;o)