Sunday, May 30, 2010

my feet dress up for a night of sex and the city....

Thursday was everything Sex and the City since the second was movie was out in theatres! After work that day I hurried uptown to my pedicure appointment with Kayla at Perfumes Plus! With Laura's help I decided to go with Chanel's Ming (#3 from my last post):

I had thought I was going to go with #2, Chanel's Mistral, but in person, Ming was actually more of the peachy shade I was looking for. So first Kayla set me up for a soak (and I sloshed and made a little mess...oopsy):

Her workstation:

Their collection of pretty nail polishes:

Ta Da! The finished product:

And here are my feet all dressed up in my Sex and the City shoes!

Pink suede platform sandals: ordered online from Aldo.


Susan R. said...

Very cute shoes!
And nice polish on the toes! :)

Barb C said...

I'm glad you picked the colour you did! It was perfect! Great blog posts this week, Chelsea!

chanel lady said...

Perfect! I'm glad you came in! Chanel does not dissapoint :)