Sunday, May 23, 2010

shopping and sunshine!

Yesterday was a beautiful day- I spent some of it indoors to shop and blog, but also tried to balance out the day with some sun exposure! B & I also drove out to Kredl's later for hot cooked sausages and then ice cream, followed by by a country drive over the peninsula!


The look:
  1. Puple silk dress- Gap (Dartmouth, 3 yrs ago)
  2. Braided brown belt- Eddie Bauer (Moncton, 4 yrs ago)
  3. Brown wedges- Aldo (ordered online, 2 months ago)
  4. Brown emu print shoulder bag- Guess- Walsh Luggage (early Spring '09)
  5. Ponytail scarf (tied to purse)- Coach (Toronto, May '09)
  6. White short-sleeved cartigan- Aerie (Spring '09)
  7. Gold necklace- Swarovski- Charm Diamond Centre (gifted from Ben, Valentine's Day '10)
  8. Sunglasses- Michael Kors (TJMaxx, April '09- $19.99!!)
Right now I'm pulling another sundress from my closet for a trip to the lake today!

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