Sunday, July 18, 2010

birthday cake

Tomorrow I turn 26 years old. Last night we had a gathering at the house with friends to celebrate my birthday. In Friday's post I shared pictures to give a sneak peek for the patterns of 2 dresses I was trying to decide between to wear for the occasion! In the end, I chose:

The reason I went with this dress (over the pretty rose patterned one) was because it reminded me of birthday cake! So what better dress for a birthday party?

People came over to the house for drinks and DQ ice cream cake! We socialized for a few hours and then called cabs to head uptown to O'Learys for dancing and a few more bevies. My drink of choice that evening to go with my birthday cake dress- margaritas! (Because they are always a festive choice!) I had a fabulous night with great friends!

The Outfit
  1. White dress with yellow trim and multi-coloured polka dots- Lucy Love- Je Suis Prest Boutique (Birthday gift from Ben)
  2. Yellow wristlet- Coach (Early birthday present from Kristen)
  3. White & yellow shoes- Aldo (2 yrs ago, gift from Shannon)
  4. Heart necklace- Swarovski (2 yrs ago, gift from Ben)
We were sitting on the deck early in the evening when I received an awesome gift:

a "shopaholic" glass!
Too perfect.

And then I traded in the traditional margarita glass for my new glass!


Jessica Weingarten said...

I love your dress and that glass is too cute! Happy early birthday :)


Nikki said...

HapppY Birthday :D HIHI :D
lovely pictures


Elle Sees said...

OMG 26...I WISH i was 26 again...
Happy birthday to you in that cute outfit!