Sunday, July 25, 2010

fall's preview for jack & bb dakota...

Wednesday evening I sipped on a non-fat, no foam, caramel, caramel machiatto while typing up my Urban Hip post in Starbucks uptown. After publishing the post, I jaunted over to Je Suis Prest for their BB Dakota and Jack Fall 2010 Launch Event, showcasing some of the fall stock Kiera has brought into her boutique. I love summer far beyond any other season. Even though it's a warm and sunny mid July, there were many pieces that caught my eye and gave me a reason to look forward to the fall.

Store front

Joy and Kiera filled the back wall with new BB Dakota and Jack pieces

New dresses

I have a think for blazers that you can dress down and dress up

Fall jacket with a utilitarian design

This coat looked adorable on Christy

This jacket may not be my particular style, but I do love the colour and details.

I like the over-sized lapels on this jacket and the eye-catching zippers.

My favourite jacket in the store :)

I love, love this edgy form-fitting (real) leather jacket.

Rock n' roll!
(real) leather jacket

But not all the jackets are solid in colour :

Then there was my pick:

I love textures. Buttons, studs, sequins, beads, fringe, feathers...faux fur.

It even has pockets!

Although I love this vest, I couldn't justify spending the money in the middle of the summer for an item I can't wear until October. The compromise: I put the vest away on a lay away plan.

Fellow blogger Barb also posted on the event. Check out her blog post.


Canadian Twentysomething said...

I LOVE the navy coat with brass buttons (searching for BB Dakota retailers is how I found your blog!) and I've just figured out where to find it, so I think I'll have to go try it on soon! Being a Maritimer, did you think it was adequate for a Canadian winter, or at least part of it? It's difficult checking American websites for warmth info...they just don't understand, haha :P


~Chelsea said...

Gina...I'd say yes for the most part. Depends on how much time you spend outdoors and your style of dress I'd say. If you get chilly easily like me, sometimes I find I need to put an extra layer under any winter coat if I'm walking outside and braving the elements here in the Maritimes. But if you are hopping from car (or subway) to building, it should be perfect! I know 2 girls who snatched this coat up right in the middle of July! It's beautiful. We may not live in igloos as some south of the border may think, but it can be cold! But most of the time I'd say yes- because it's a winter coat more than a fall coat.