Thursday, August 5, 2010

J'adore faire du shopping...

Translation: I love shopping! The last couple of times that I have been in Montreal for a concert has always included some dedicated time for browsing the shops along St. Catherine's Street...block upon block of trendy stores. It may be a bit of a workout on my Visa card, but it also takes a toll on the body after a full day of scanning racks, trying on pieces, and carrying shopping bags. (I kid you not, I had a limp our second day in the city because my right hip was very sore!)

I photo-logged some of my favourite stores that we entered, meeting the standard bilingual greeting "bonjour, hello". Out retail exploration included, but was not limited to, the following stores:

No shopping marathon can begin without a stop at Starbucks for fuel in the form of caffeine. However, I promise our plans did include other activities outside of shopping. The second day we strolled through Old Montreal on the cobblestone streets taking in the scenery and visiting the little shops ( there was some shopping).

The Outfit

  1. "The Greatest City" t-shirt- American Eagle (SJ, April '10)

  2. Cropped bottoms- Lululemon (Montreal, June '10)

  3. Sandals- Clarks- Winners (SJ, April '10)

  4. Ostrich print purse- Guess- Walsh Lugguage (SJ, Feb '09)

  5. Longer necklace- H&M (Toronto, Dec '08)

  6. Key necklace- Charm Diamond Center (SJ, May '10)

  7. Feather earrings- Little Burgundy (Montreal, June '10)

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