Thursday, August 19, 2010

safari savy

One of the trends that started popping up this summer that we'll continue to see into fall is the military or utilitarian look. I am definitely a fan: largely because I enjoy the appearance of the warm earth tones it incorporates (olive green, beige, brown) and the structure of the pieces.

I'm also really into men's-wear inspired dress shirts- the loose style is very versatile and will transition well from summer to fall. I sadly had to return a tutu skirt to H&M while in Moncton the other day (poor fit) and in its place I picked up two loose-fitting blouses (black and white). Yesterday I put together a look that has a safari suitable feel to it (all I need is the right hat!). Although it was a hot day, the loose fabric of the blouse allowed air flow and hence prevented me from melting!

The Outfit

  1. White blouse- H&M (Moncton, August '10)
  2. Olive green shorts- H&M (Toronto, June '10)
  3. Belt- Michael Kors- TJMaxx (New Hampshire, April '09)
  4. Gladiator sandals- Sam Edelman- Olam (Montreal, June '09)
  5. Bib necklace- gift from Kristen (Toronto, Dec '09)
  6. Sunglasses- Michael Kors- TJ Maxx (New Hampshire, April '09)
  7. Emu-print purse- Guess- Walsh Lugguage (SJ, Feb '09)
I was sad to have to return the tutu skirt so if you know where I can find one that would properly fit (without being scandalous) a 5'7" girl with long legs, I'd really like to know!

I'm also seeking feedback from readers! Writing and working on this blog is something that I love doing and I'd really like to get a feel for your interests too! Check out the poll at the top of the page, in the right-hand side column.

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The Paper Blog Princess said...

So sad to hear you had to return the tutu -- they're so much fun! I got a sensible (well, as sensible as tutus can be!) one at Forever 21 that came almost to my knee (I'm 5'8"), but that was in March.

jen said...

I love seeing a girl from a small town manage to be stylish and not let it discourage her from scouring everywhere for great pieces. The fact that you go to greater lengths than the bigger-city girls really shows your love for fashion and perserverance. Very encouraging! Thought I would just drop you that note :)

Have a great weekend!

~Chelsea said...

Aww thank you Jen! Your kind comment totally made my day! :)

shannon said...


~Chelsea said...

thanks shannon!