Wednesday, August 4, 2010

gaga glam...

The last weekend in June I found myself on a road trip with Katie, Jaclyn, and Heidi. We were off to see Lady Gaga in Montreal, with me as the driver. After 1 long drive, 2 days later, and numerous shopping bags, we were dressed and on our way to the concert that had been longly anticipated! But first, we had to have dinner and along side a bite to eat, I rang the occasion in with a cosmo.

A ridiculous 45 minute wait in line presented the perfect chance for photo ops! Please see exhibit A as proof (we are no where near the doors at this point):

Above, Katie and I in our new outfits we purchased while shopping on St Catherine's Street. I love that our hotel was sandwiched between the Bell Center and fabulous shopping. She was sporting a cute jean one-piece from American Apparel and a brown weaved belt found from within the contents of my suitcase. And I love the little white flats to finish it off.

The Outfit

  1. Striped blouse- H&M (the day before)

  2. Sequin shorts- H&M (the day before)

  3. Cuff bracelet- Chanel (E-bay, Sept '08)

  4. Leaf necklace- Splurge (Halifax, 2 yrs ago)

  5. Studded shoes- Aldo (Toronto, Dec '09)

  6. Yellow clutch- Coach (gift from Kristen)
I'm naturally attracted to things that are sequined or shiny....and that is why I picked up these shorts while browsing in H&M. It was love at first sight, but I wasn't sure if I was bold enough to pull them off. I figured no better a time than in a city full of strangers! I haven't yet tried them out in the streets of Saint John, but I figure their turn is coming up rather soon.

My shoes, as I found out in the hotel room, were busted. The buckle was broken but I had no shoes to fill their replacement on such short notice! You can order anything from the front desk. Packing tape included. They did, unfortunately come undone again, but at least it was during mid show... I took them to the doctor the other day. They are undergoing a precedure (buckle replacement) but will be back on the street in no time!

I have to say, Lady Gaga is an absolutely fabulous performer and sounds amazing live. Her even has a plot line- her and her friends are trying to find the Monster Ball and get lost trying to find their way. We sat in the almost-nose-bleed-section but next time I can guarantee you I'll be willing to shell out the extra bucks for prime seating. I can only image how much her stage equipment amounts to...amazing use of props and technical surprises throughout the concert. There is the usual outrageous Gaga fashion as well as heart felt encouragement and inspiration to her audience. She is an incredibly wonderful pianist and I'm not sure anyone else would play from a flaming piano!

Gaga playing from a keyboard under the hood of their broken down
car they were going to take to the Monster Ball.

The view from far above!
(If you haven't been, the Bell Center is HUGE)

Shot of Gaga on the big screen.

Gaga puts her studded boot up on the piano while playing the keys.

The piano is on fire. No big deal or anything.

She sprouts wings and suddenly the stage rises a couple stories..

A sea of fans...

Dance sequince

View of the crowd

Gaga in the rotating sphere

Her encore performance was Bad Romance, my favourite of her songs!
As I said, truly an amazing concert.


Ashley said...

love your shorts!

Fifth Sparrow said...

That would be such an unbelievable concert! It looks like you had a blast, so jealous that you were in Montreal. I went last month for the first time and fell in love!

Love the outfits, you guys look great!

Abi said...

Looks like a fun concert to have been at! Love your shorts and necklace. You girlies both look great