Thursday, August 19, 2010

look beautiful for less!

We all love a good deal. Especially when it means endulging and treating ourselves without feeling guilty about it! Well I have double the good news to share with you!

Reflections Day Spa

They are welcoming new staff to their day spa and with that comes special savings to their customers! Their new soon-to-be aesthetician, Lindsay Hayes, is currently finishing her education and as with any service with their students, they are offering 50% off aesthetic services with Lindsay! Feel like pampering yourself? (Because I do!) This special is going on from August 19 (tomorrow!) until August 28!

Reflections is located on the west side, on Catherwood St. (just up the road from the new Lawtons). I was sure to grab a service and price pamphlet (listing regular prices) to see exactly what we all could treat ourselves to!

I have personally been going to Reflections since its early years (20 yrs ago!) when I was 6 and my aunt (one of the owners) used to tell me to stop raising my eyebrows so she could cut my bangs! They moved into a new location 1 1/2 yrs ago and they redid this building top to bottom to expand their business from salon to day spa- their hard work paid off because its a beautiful spot with a great atmosphere!

You can book an appointment with Lindsay by calling (506) 635-5959.

...but wait, oh, there's more!

Perfumes Plus

Did you know tomorrow is pioneering French designer Coco Chanel's birthday? Tomorrow (August 19) Perfumes Plus is offering no tax on all their Chanel beauty products! I will definitely be there. I even went in to visit and scope out the products today...

Chanel's fall line

Let's take a closer look, shall we?



Nail polish

You'll have to go into the store to get a close up of the rest of their fall products. But remember the no tax applies to all the Chanel products your heart may desire...

(I circled my favs!)

Chance to grab the limited edition before they're gone...

In case you need her, make-up artisit Laura can to assist you in finding the right products for you incase you need a little help! Visit Perfumes Plus tomorrow on the first level in Brunswick Square uptown. See you tomorrow ladies!

Check out Perfumes Plus' blog. Laura always gives the heads up when there's something worth knowing!

Oh, be sure to let me know if you benefit from either of these deals at Reflections and Perfumes Plus! I'd love to know what you had done or what you bought! Please do send me an email and share at (visual aids, aka pictures, would be great too)!

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Perfumes Plus said...

Thanks for the shout out Chelsea! We've got 1 hour left to go in the Tax-Free Sale. So far so good! Glad you got in for the polish. Chane's 'Paradoxal' is THE colour for fall.