Sunday, August 8, 2010

what's in pgal's closet?

I'm surprised when even I come across shops I've never heard of...especially when they are hidden gems. I had to travel out of the city this time, but I didn't go far and it was definitely worth it. PGals Closet "tweeted" me on twitter, inviting me out to the valley to visit their shop. I was more than happy to and asked if it was ok if my camera tagged along...

Patricia Gallagher, known also as PGal, created an appealing store for women to browse all things feminine, sophisticated, and stylish. Already owning and running Country Treasures (a lovely shop that carries a variety of homeware and giftware items), she also wanted to be create a retail space that reflected her own style and personality. And that was when the boutique PGal's Closet emerged.

The store is tastefully decorated in colours pink, black and white and all merchandise is organized and displayed in a very esthetically pleasing manner. The store is just so pretty it's fit for a princess!

I was promptly greeted when I entered the store and I was so glad I got the chance to meet and chat with Patricia and her daughter Baye, who are both very lovely and friendly! To listen to Patricia talk about her store, you can  tell how much she enjoys what she does and how dedicated she is to helping her customers find the right items.

Baye & Patricia

As I said in my very first post on this blog, I'm all about supporting local businesses- in order for our favourite places (shops, restaurants, bars, etc.) to be there for us, we need to be there for them! One thing I like about smaller local shops in (and around) this city is the personable service you often find- which I definitely found present inside PGal's Closet.

Now I'll get to the good stuff and give you a sneak preview of what is in PGal's Closet...

Check out the pretty bling...

There are lots of girly goodies...

Principessa beauty products

Wine accessories

Wishing you could lay back in Rome or New York?

Are you a Diva if you don't get your Beauty Sleep?

Ok, and now I'll share a few of my favourites items!

1.Pretty pink cocktail glasses and black sophicated martini glasses

2. Glam pens (how I love feathers and sparkles!)

3. Cute and sassy piggy bank and the mugs.

4. Lovely scented candles (this was my fav of the Tocca candles)

5. Roll on perfume (bellocia was my fav scent)

6. Funky, stylish rings (I bought the one on the top row, second from the left)

7. Umbrellas with cheeky sayings...

I prefer umbrellas in my cocktails

When does it start raining men?

You'll be happy to know they also gift wrap:

I loved the fancy old fashioned looking register!

I didn't show you all the things PGal's Closet has to offer, so you are going to have to go look for yourself! Oh, and another little tidbit of info: for those brides-to-be such as myself, they offer a wedding gift registry.

PGal's Closet is on top of social media tools.
Click the links below to tweet, follow, like, or find out more info!

Right now they are having The Boss Is Away Sale! Patricia is away buying new products at the Toronto Gift Show and while she is gone they are offering 20% off all in-store stock!


jemina said...

What a fabulous shop, wish I could go there :(, wishing you a lovely day babe, xoxo

L said...

Thanks for that post! I drive by that store all the time and never had any idea what it was! Now I know I have to check it out!

barb c said...

I was there a few weeks ago during "girls day in the valley". When I saw those polaroid picture frames (featuring SJP!) my heart leapt from my chest!

Great post!

Kate said...

I've driven by there so many times and never noticed p-gals! Will definitely stop in next time I'm driving by, looks like they have a ton of cute stuff! Good find!