Tuesday, June 28, 2011

neon & neutral: behind the scenes...

As I mentioned last week, I've had the pleasure of writing the fashion blog for my favourite shopping centre in the city, Brunswick Square. Last Monday I was scouting out clothing and models for a trend (amateur)photo shoot. The trend I decided to try and capture was "neon and neutrals". I personally haven't put this look together myself, but it's been commonly popping up in some of my favourite fellow bloggers' posts (i.e. Pretty Shiny Sparkly and Atlantic Pacific).

I decided to pull clothing and accessories from a few shops in Brunswick Square (Je Suis Prest Boutique, Baubles, Colwell's Mens, Colwell's Ladies, and Pseudio) to put together a few outfits that demonstrate the neon and neutral trend on a few real-live people! Lyndsay, Doug, and Julia volunteered to be my models! Laura, Chanel make-up artist at Perfumes Plus, lent her skills and time to do make-up. And my friend Allie came and helped me out with her camera and worked it like a pro! (And our other friend Katie came to help out and watch Allie's adorable 6 month old son Klein.)  

Julia checks her jewelry in the mirror at Baubles.
Models (Left to Right): Doug Belding, Julia Higgins, Lyndsay Lovely
Laura Smith does Lyndsay & then Julia's make-up for a natural, warm look.
I try different accessories on Lyndsay and Julia.
Adjusting Julia's outfit during the shoot.

It was a lot of fun to step behind the camera for once and play creative director for an afternoon. I am planning on continuing with blog posts like this for the Brunswick Square Shopaholic- so I'd love to hear what trends you'd want to see me try my hand at putting together!

To check out the finished product on neon and neutral, be sure to check out this week's blog post on Brunswick Square Shopaholic.

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